Baltimore Security Systems

Maryland Security Professionals provides business and home security systems to clients in and around the great city of Baltimore. State-of-the-art security camera systems from Maryland Security Professionals are designed to protect against loss and deter crime with:

  • Infrared technology
  • High-definition playback
  • License plate capture
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Remote viewing
  • Discreet cabling
  • Hidden camera technology
  • Mobile power units

Our team of security professionals are happy to visit your home or business for a free inspection, consultation, and estimate to install a fully customized surveillance system that addresses your unique security concerns.

Home Security Systems for Baltimore, MD Residents

Baltimore homeowners are wise to install residential security cameras both inside and outside of the home. Home security cameras are known to deter break-ins and aid in police investigation connected with criminal activity that occurs in or around your property. Today’s technology is easy to use and maintain and may even help you qualify for lowered insurance premiums.

Apartment complexes, condo associations, HOAs, and gated communities are also common targets for crime. Talk to us about the value of installing fixed pole surveillance systems at community entrances, parking lots, and common areas as an excellent solution for communities focused on long-term security.

Commercial Security Cameras for Baltimore Businesses


Protect your business or commercial property with our customized security camera solutions. Baltimore is home to companies of all sizes from independent offices and storefronts to  some the country’s largest headquarters. Let Maryland Security Professionals design a video surveillance system to match the unique risks, needs and budget concerns of your business.

A custom-designed and installed commercial security system can:

  • Reduce theft and vandalism
  • Provide personal protection for employees
  • Monitor contract workers
  • Provide security presence along perimeter boundaries
  • Safeguard inventory
  • Minimize false premises liability claims
  • Improve workplace productivity
  • Identify internal theft
  • Lower insurance rates

Construction Site Security


Baltimore is undergoing a construction boom. With expensive equipment, heavy machinery, and ample raw materials, construction sites are targets for thieves who are counting on lax surveillance. They are also attractive targets for vandals. Maryland Security Professionals routinely installs self-contained mobile surveillance systems that run on solar energy, without the need for electricity. Construction site owners can tap into their security system feed remotely, viewing real-time footage from a computer or mobile device, any time of day or night.

Baltimore Security Camera Systems Make Our City Safer


Downtown Baltimore has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike with a roster of notable attractions and a busy calendar of food and arts festivals. To keep our population secure, our workers safe, and an annual stream of visitors coming to our city, we must demonstrate a commitment to safety.

Our Baltimore security company helps protect the safety interests of all who live, work, and visit here. Call us today to learn more about our Maryland security services and to schedule a free estimate!