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If you need a private investigator in the state of Maryland, do not work with an amateur. Maryland Security Professionals offers experienced personal detectives who are all retired police officers and know how to uncover information which is needed to investigate a criminal or civil case, establish and verify evidence in a criminal or civil case or lawsuit, make an informed decision in a business or personal matter, validate information for legal, business, or personal reasons.

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What are the top reasons to hire a private investigator?

People hire private investigators for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Criminal investigations – to add more detailed information to a complex investigation that requires multiple resources
  • Business background checks – to reduce the risk in all business matters
  • Employee background checks – to gauge the honesty of an applicant
  • Divorce and family law investigations – to investigate matters of infidelity, child abuse or other personal matters
  • Nanny checks – to watch the behavior of hired help to ensure proper conduct and safety of the children
  • Child custody cases – to prove facts that may be difficult to argue in court
  • Personal injury investigations – to find key witnesses and expert testimony to aid your court case
  • Insurance or Welfare fraud investigations – to identify instances of system abuse
  • Missing person cases – to find a loved one or a person who owes money and may be in hiding
  • International asset searches – to aid in divorce cases where hiding of financial assets overseas is suspected
  • Stalker investigations – to aid law enforcement in keeping track of a suspected predator’s whereabouts
  • Embezzlement investigations – to uncover money trails and identify instances of theft
  • Exoneration investigations – to find evidence that a person has been unjustly accused or unlawfully imprisoned
  • Accident reconstructions – to prove facts in a personal injury case that will withstand court scrutiny
  • Wrongful termination cases – to provide evidence in cases where employees suspect they’ve been unjustly fired
  • Workplace investigations – to investigate a harassment case, reveal violence in the workplace or prove wrongdoing
  • Death investigations
  • Vulnerable adult investigations
  • Dating background checks – to verify information about a romantic partner
  • International due diligence – to verify an overseas company’s validity prior to a business venture
  • Identity theft risk analysis – to aid law enforcement in determining who stole your identity
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Private investigation services include:

  • Strict confidentiality agreements
  • 24-hour access to your investigator who can answer all questions and keep you informed
  • Surveillance set up and around-the-clock monitoring wherever necessary
  • In-depth case research to aid attorneys, law enforcement, insurers or individual clients
  • Thorough research reports containing all pertinent information pertaining to your case

How much do private investigation services cost?

The best way to budget for private investigation services is simply to phone us at 410-514-8387 to discuss your case and receive a free estimate including potential deposit fees, expenses, hourly rates, and other payment considerations. A written contract will be drawn up before work begins, detailing objectives, set fees, time limits and duties an investigator may perform. Maryland Security Professionals will also provide and itemized list of all expenses and activities at the conclusion of service.

Why choose Maryland Security Professionals?

Maryland Security Professionals represents the highest quality of investigators in the state. All of our investigators are hand-picked, retired police detectives who have at least 10 years of training and experience in investigating real-life situations.

We cover all types of cases, but have particular experience and specialization in:

  • Investigative work for attorneys
  • Domestic infidelity, violence and child custody cases
  • Accident reconstruction to aid law enforcement analysis
  • Employment matters, wrongful terminations, workplace violence and corporate internal investigations
  • Criminal matters, harassment lawsuits and court case investigations
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All of our investigators were prior police detectives who have worked for a major metropolitan police department or a federal agency and possess knowledge, skills and abilities well beyond the average commercial-trained detective. Our investigators have years of hands-on experience in handling complex criminal cases and advanced skills in research, surveillance, interrogation and interviewing.

Our investigations are very thorough and our reports are well prepared to handle the scrutiny of any courtroom.

The owner of our company is a licensed attorney who reviews all investigative reports before release. We also have a licensed attorney on staff to handle any legal investigations or additional research that may be required.

Contact Maryland Security Professionals at 410-514-8387 for more information on private investigation services offered throughout Maryland, the greater Washington DC metro area, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware.

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