Covert Camera Surveillance

Maryland Security Professionals installs covert cameras in your home or business. Cameras are hidden from view of others for the purpose of capturing criminal activity, domestic infidelity, employee theft, subcontractor performance, and other damaging behavior.

About covert cameras

Covert cameras are “secret” cameras: they can be set up without the knowledge of others.

These cameras can be installed permanently or temporarily in locations such as:

  • Money rooms
  • Liquor storage areas
  • Narcotic closets
  • File or document rooms
  • Home and nurseries to monitor childcare providers
  • And many more

We can also set up covert cameras temporarily for capturing criminal behavior, employee theft, domestic infidelity, as well as for a myriad of other applications. Maryland Security Professionals installs covert camera systems to verify employee or subcontractor performance, punctuality, and more.

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Reliable covert Camera Systems at an Affordable Cost

In today’s world, there are challenges to most employee terminations and court proceedings. Compelling evidence is needed to convict someone, defend frivolous unemployment claims,  or to provide evidence in a civil proceeding.  A covert camera can supply this evidence accurately and without bias.  Most people are on their best behavior when they know they are on camera; however, as an employer, you need to know that your employees are honest all of  the time.

Whether you suspect someone or not, a covert camera can give you peace of mind as well as accurate answers when something of vital importance comes up missing, or when you just need answers. In domestic infidelity cases, a covert camera system can save the cost of hiring a private investigator.  A covert camera captures information you need with detailed accuracy, and is more affordable than most people think especially as compared with the risk assumed by not having one in your home or business.

High-Tech Covert Cameras as Small as a Matchbook

At Maryland Security Professionals, we deploy covert camera systems for a wide range of uses and in any type of situation. Covert cameras come in a variety of sizes and designs, and all are equipped with a recording device capable of storing two weeks of video and sometimes more. With technology so advanced, some covert cameras are small as a matchbook, while others may be disguised to blend into their surroundings.  In remote or secluded locations, cameras may be powered by an alternate power source such as a battery.

Covert cameras are no longer a novelty available only at spy shops and specialty stores.  Covert cameras can be digital or analog, with many of the same specifications as a standard camera, so clarity and picture quality is never compromised.

All covert cameras used by Maryland Security Professionals can be easily hooked up to a recording device that can be viewed wirelessly provided there is an internet connection.

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Rent or Purchase Covert Camera Systems

Maryland Security Professionals prides itself in the expert installation of all our surveillance systems. Our covert cameras can be leased or purchased. Both options come with our installation service. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance contract to keep your covert camera(s) running correctly and at optimal efficiency.

Schedule a consultation with a member of team.  We will come to your location, analyze the area requiring surveillance, and recommend an appropriate covert camera system to meet your needs.

To learn more about covert camera installation, or to find out about our other surveillance systems, call Maryland Security Professionals today at: 410-514-8387.

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