Home Security Camera Systems

Safeguard what matters most in your life with residential security systems installed by Maryland Security Professionals. Our expert technicians select and install top-of-the-line video surveillance solutions that not only detect intrusion, but also discourage it for greater peace of mind. We install high-quality residential security cameras by trusted brands in homes across the Mid-Atlantic region. Break-ins, burglaries and property damage are a real concern for homeowners everywhere. No matter what your security challenges, we can design, install, and maintain a system that will work for you.

State-of-the-art home security systems

Monitor the inside and/or outside of your home anytime with wireless surveillance technology. With a stable internet connection, you can view live feed from your smartphone, computer or tablet, keeping an eye on your family, pets and household staff as needed.

A quality surveillance system is an essential part of keeping your home safe. Choose from systems featuring:

  • High definition infrared cameras– Each camera (2, 6, or 10 MP) operates with high definition IP and TVI technology, allowing you to see distinguishing features, not just blobs on a screen. Infrared technology ensures sharp, richly-detailed footage in dim and dark conditions.
  • Recording device(s)– Preserves high-quality video for playback on a digital format.
  • Discrete cabling– All cables are hidden from view, keeping your property neat and free of safety hazards. Our security experts will provide a clean and professional installation.
  • Remote access to surveillance system– Login to your system via secure remote connection anytime day or night using your iPhone/Android phone or from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Retrofitting or replacement– Retrofit older analog-based systems with IP and TVI technology and high performance, high resolution cameras.

Professional residential security camera installation

Maryland Security Professionals believes that a proper installation is equally important as the surveillance system itself. We have ample experience installing cameras in the most complex residential settings, with a view toward functionality, practicality, and optimum perimeter protection. Our licensed installers pay special attention to low-traffic or low-visibility areas (such as the outdoor shed or backyard), which are often targeted by thieves. From discreet cabling to proper mounting of various camera styles, our installation services are top-notch and competitively priced.

Keeping your property, valuables and loved ones safe has never been easier. We take pride in providing world-class customer service and welcome questions about video quality, recording abilities, wireless functions, integration capabilities and scalability if your needs change.

Advantages of a comprehensive home surveillance system

Whether you travel frequently, have young children at home, or need to monitor household staff, our systems are custom-designed for your lifestyle and budget. There are numerous advantages to installing surveillance cameras in and around your home.

Residential security camera systems:

  • Deter intruders, break-ins, and theft
  • Provide remote access to live video feeds for active monitoring
  • Aid the police by capturing high resolution footage
  • Allow you to check in on loved ones and pets from afar
  • Pave the way for discounted home insurance premiums
  • Are weather-resistant and easy to use and maintain

Free security audit for Mid-Atlantic homeowners

Maryland Security Professionals offers free security evaluations for residents throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia and Delaware. Whether you want to upgrade existing cameras or install a state-of-the-art home security system, we can help.

To learn more about our residential security systems and installation, please contact us today.