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Maryland Security Professionals

Maryland Security Professionals (M.S.P.) is a full service security company, which manufactures mobile and fixed surveillance camera systems and also employs active or retired (in good standing) police officers for armed jobs. Each officer must have at least 10 years of law enforcement experience to be considered for employment. The typical armed employee has over 20 years of police experience and training. Most of our unarmed guards have formerly or are currently serving in some branch of the US Military.

Maryland Security Professionals was founded in 2005 by Jeff Croissette, a retired Sergeant with the Prince Georges County Police and his wife, Rebecca, a licensed attorney and whose practice focused on civil litigation. As a police officer, Jeff often dealt with typical “security guards”, who were usually poorly trained and poorly paid.

Their lack of training and experience often encumbered their client’s security objectives. The security guard could not effectively identify potential suspects, could not communicate well (orally or in writing), and would prove later to be an ineffective witness, whether in a criminal trial or prosecuting or defending a civil case.

The typical “security guard”, often seen in the mall or the jewelry store, does not normally inspire confidence in the patrons and employees, and the criminal element is no longer deterred by these guards.

MSP’s goal is to offer a different type of security service to businesses, communities, and consumers who are actually concerned with safety, loss prevention, risk management, and security. We are a small, more service oriented security company, which allows us to be available to all security needs, and helps us aid our customers’ needs in any way possible. We have put together a team of problem solvers to give the most effective and inventive solutions to those with security issues as well as those who wish to prevent ever having a problem.

As Maryland Security Professionals continues to grow, our goal is to never let go of the small business roots. We want to make sure that customer service is our number one priority and customization of products and services are as a part of our business as they always have been.

What We’ve Got that Nobody Else Has

Maryland Security Professionals armed division hires only police professionals, those who have served as a police officer for at least 10 years, and who have unmatched training and experience.

We are caring professionals in the security field. This is rare. We want the best for our clients and will work tirelessly in order to give everything possible to make our clients happy. We hire only people who we feel embody that philosophy so that our clients get the best service possible. If you call, we pick up. If you want a meeting, we will be there within 24 hours. If your community or business needs service, we make it a priority. We are your FULL SERVICE security company!

Rebecca Croissette, President
Rebecca Croissette, President

Rebecca is a licensed attorney in Maryland. She is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, and she received her Bachelor of Arts from University of Maryland Baltimore County. She founded this company in 2005 with her husband, Jeff. Prior to starting Maryland Security Professionals, Rebecca was a practicing attorney in Annapolis.

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Jeff Croissette, General Manager
Jeff Croissette, General Manager

Jeff retired as a sergeant from the Prince George's County Police Department after 20 years of service. He received his Masters of Business Administration and his Bachelors of Science from Johns Hopkins University. While he was on the police department, Jeff was an accomplished police detective and investigator.

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Jonathan Tapper, Director of Operations
Jonathan Tapper, Director of Operations

Jonathan began his career with Maryland Security Professionals in 2007 and oversees the day-to-day operations. Graduating from Towson University with a bachelor degree in Psychology, Jonathan strives to promote Maryland Security Professionals as a not so typical security company. His duties also include writing contracts and proposals for new clients, and serves as project lead on all fixed surveillance camera jobs.

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Chris Rhoades, Director of Accounts
Chris Rhoades, Director of Accounts

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