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Providing Security Services in Virginia

Maryland Security Professionals provides surveillance systems and equipment throughout the State of Virginia. Our security solutions are customizable, affordable, and effective tools for deterring crime, safeguarding against loss, and protection from physical threat or harm. We offer specialized commercial and residential security services in VA for construction sites, residences, community associations, apartment complexes, gated communities, hospitals, colleges, and more.

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Serving the State of Virginia

Maryland Security Professionals offer services throughout the state including these VA cities and counties:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Fairfax
  • Falls Church
  • Manassas
  • Reston
  • Arlington County
  • Loudoun County
  • Prince William County

Providing commercial and residential camera installation throughout Virginia

We furnish the private homes and businesses in Virginia with a variety of cost-effective security services. Schedule a free on-site inspection today. We will come to your property and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your security needs and provide a complimentary quote for the cost of installing cameras in your home or business. We can customize a security solution to meet even the most complex surveillance challenges to fit within your budget.

Be confident in safeguarding your property by taking advantage of the advanced security technologies offered by Maryland Security Professionals.

Convenient, wireless surveillance for VA home and business owners

Wireless surveillance systems installed by Maryland Security Professionals offer security and peace of mind for residents in one of the nation’s most densely populated areas. Referring to the wireless transmission of data captured by cameras onsite to the owner’s cellphone or computer, wireless surveillance systems are fast becoming the industry standard in today’s high-tech security industry. Today, home owners and business owners can monitor their property from any remote location with an internet connection. Learn more about how to protect your property with the latest in wireless surveillance technology.

Virginia construction site security

Construction continues to expand throughout Virginia particularly within densely populated areas such as Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax which make up the Washington metropolitan area. Whether residential or commercial in nature, construction sites present special security concerns that should be met to avoid significant delays and monetary losses.

Construction sites in Virginia are susceptible to theft of valuable machinery and expensive materials. Left unguarded, these sites become easy targets for those seeking to remove such items. You can help safeguard the perimeter of your high-value construction site with self-contained, solar-powered mobile surveillance systems installed by Maryland Security Professionals.

Armed guard services for the Virginia metro area

Security professionals increase public confidence in the safety and security of an event, workplace, or business. With its proximity to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia is a bustling metropolitan area where armed guards can often offer a crucial component to crowd control, special event security, and safety within the workplace.

Maryland Security Professionals offers elite-level armed guard security. Each of our security professionals are highly-trained and have at least 10 years of police force experience or military training to deter security breaches, defuse threats, and manage crisis. Call to learn more.

Permanent security options for large-scale properties in Virginia

Maryland Security Professionals offers free on-site inspections and quotes for residential communities, gated communities, apartment complexes and neighborhoods which may be vulnerable to vandals and crime. Our fixed mount surveillance systems are highly effective along entryways, walking trails, in common areas, at community playgrounds, and in parking lots. Fixed pole-mounted cameras provide quality surveillance data and clear footage which can aid in police investigations and court disputes when necessary.

Hospital security in Virginia

Virginia is home to a number of nationally ranked hospitals. Without proper security, medical institutions can become targets for costly thefts, security breaches, and claims which can lead to lawsuits. Our fully integrated surveillance systems can help to secure these premises, deter criminal activity, and provide video data to defend against any claims.

Virginia college campus security

The reputations of the many prestigious educational institutions, universities, and colleges in Virginia are based on their ability to provide high-quality education to students in a safe environment. All too often, we hear high-profile news stories detailing college campus violence and crime. The security experts at Maryland Security Professionals can provide effective security solutions to create a safe environment on campuses and in colleges and universities.

Virginia’s security needs are met by Maryland Security Professionals

Maryland Security Professionals is pleased to offer comprehensive security services that are not only effective but also affordable. Don’t trust your business or your home to anything less than superior surveillance solutions. We have the knowledge, training and experience to protect what matters most to you.

Call us today at 410-514-8035 to learn more and to arrange a free security audit at your Virginia property.

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