Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing

Remote Security Monitoring System

We don’t just watch crime happen – WE STOP IT with a specialized team of 24/7/365 security experts who monitor your security camera live feed and set off alarms, sirens, and recorded voice commands to send criminals running.

Our goal is to eliminate losses completely by installing a comprehensive, visible surveillance camera system around the perimeter of your site that deters thieves and other would-be criminals from even attempting to trespass on your property.

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However, if a threat is detected, our Command Center team will notify law enforcement immediately, and the recorded video can be used as evidence in court. We’re always watching, and you can, too! Get peace of mind by downloading our app to view real-time live security camera video feeds anytime, anywhere.

Setting up your remote surveillance system is easy and fast! Maryland Security Professionals provide a free site evaluation within 24 hours and customize a security system to meet your needs.

Get Peace of Mind With our Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing

Advantages of remote monitoring systems from Maryland Security Professionals:

  • a wireless cloud-based system enabling remote access and viewing
  • Each security system is customized to your needs
  • Motion-triggered cameras send live feeds to our Command Center
  • Secure cloud storage of video footage for easy access
  • 6X lower cost than armed guards
  • Advanced AI software & analytics protects your assets
  • Instant access to your account and live video feed from anywhere
  • Threat detection and intelligent live monitoring 24/7
  • Automated warning response to trespassers
  • Ideal for remote properties, including construction sites and equipment yards
  • Project managers can view their site remotely without having to drive out in person
  • Unique recording features like time-lapse views of construction site build-outs
  • Direct line to the account manager

Intelligent Video Monitoring Provides an Alternative to Traditional Security Guards and Saves You Money.

In addition to our off-site team of trained monitors, we use advanced artificial intelligence to ensure your assets are always protected.

No more blind spots! Motion-triggered cameras send live video feeds to our Command Center. Our AI software and analytics detect suspicious activity, determine the threat level, and respond appropriately. Automated voice commands are deployed to warn off potential criminals, but a live person from our Command Center can then take over and alert law enforcement officials, if necessary.

With the power of AI, our integrated security solutions allow you to add business intelligence to your video surveillance system to improve worker efficiency and ensure compliance with safety practices.

Constantly Monitored Footage and Archived Cloud Storage

Our command center reviews your site’s hardware on a five-minute cycle to ensure the system is always fully operational with clear sightlines. Recordings are date- and time-stamped, then stored in the cloud for at least two weeks.

This can provide the necessary evidence to prove a crime and prosecute an offender who tried to steal from or trespass on your site. It can also support or discredit accident claims by recording on-site conduct and possible safety violations. Contact Maryland Security Professionals today to discuss your security needs.

Enjoy Completely Customized Security

Our team does more than provide hardware taken straight off the store shelf. We manufacture all our products in-house, which allows us to study our clients’ needs and deliver a tailored, state-of-the-art surveillance solution that performs to their custom requirements.

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What Are the Key Benefits of Remote Security Cameras?

Remote security cameras are your site’s connection to our Command Center and its 24/7 professional staff of security experts. Secured sites gain peace of mind through:

  • Reduced theft, vandalism, and trespassing
  • Rapid alerts for law enforcement and emergency response teams
  • Recorded footage admissible as court evidence
  • Close monitoring of visitors and employees
  • Reduced insurance rates through a proactive security stance

Our staff of retired law enforcement officers bring their years of experience to monitoring and controlling your wireless security camera system with remote viewing, adding human awareness and judgment to our advanced, A.I.-driven solutions.

The best security solutions are customized to fit the site and situation, so contact our experts to discuss your needs. We have answers to all your security concerns.

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A wireless security camera system with remote viewing addresses many security issues. The seasoned team at Maryland Security Professionals can assess your location and provide practical insight that will supercharge your security perimeter.

We serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Reach out to our surveillance experts to discuss your security needs.

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