License Plate Recognition Cameras

About License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition cameras, or “LPR cameras,” can be attached to both mobile and fixed pole video surveillance systems for advanced recording capabilities. LPR cameras are designed to capture the reflective nature of a license plate. Though initially designed primarily for use by law enforcement to track down stolen vehicles, their application has expanded to a wide range of private uses in both large-scale residential communities and a variety of commercial enterprises.

Special features of license plate recognition cameras

LPR cameras are the gold standard for identifying vehicles traveling through areas where significant financial and security risks exist. The cameras’ leading-edge technical capabilities not only identify suspicious vehicles, they also help to rule out false leads by providing the correct information that law enforcement needs to track down accused perpetrators. The images are clear and reliable, whether they are taken during the day or at night.

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Maryland Security Professionals installs LPR cameras that offer leading-edge technology including:

  • Lighting: Capture clear number and letter images, despite the reflective nature of a license plate. Superior ambient light filtering allows LPR cameras to capture data on the sunniest days without glare interference. At night, infrared technology picks up license plate information even when headlights are pointed directly at the camera. Ultra-fast shutter speeds and automatic mode switching enables top-level accuracy, even when lighting conditions are inconsistent.
  • Shutter Speed: High shutter speeds designed to collect data at 1,000+ frames per second captures license plates in motion even if the vehicle is speeding. Fast shutter speed is a critical component in the prevention of trailing or blurred images.
  • Field of View: License Plate Recognition cameras vary in their capabilities, depending on the capture distance and field of view. An experienced surveillance professional can help determine the proper setup to meet the needs of any type of site.

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Enhance surveillance with flexible license plate recognition solutions

Maryland Security Professionals understands that every client has a different set of requirements necessary to meet their needs and budget. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Let our team recommend a license plate recognition camera that will not only meet your current security challenge, but will also deter future criminal occurrences.

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All of our security professionals are off-duty or retired police officers with over 10 years of experience in the field. Law enforcement is their passion. LPR cameras are a tool they have used throughout their long careers.

Contact MD Security Professionals at 410-514-8387 for a consultation to determine your options for bolstering surveillance and security capabilities using license plate capture technology.

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