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Maryland Security Professionals provides round-the-clock mobile surveillance systems for construction sites, providing protection against theft of raw materials and equipment, vandalism and crime.

About Construction Site Security

Protect your building project against theft, vandalism and crime day and night with mobile surveillance for construction sites. More affordable than 24-hour security guards, solar-powered construction site security systems offer round-the-clock protection without electricity or the need for a dedicated power source.

Construction sites are commonly plagued by a number of security concerns – most notably the theft of expensive raw materials. Unfortunately, stolen equipment and merchandise from construction sites is big business in the Mid-Atlantic region. Such theft leads to higher insurance premiums, construction delays, project overruns and serious cuts in profits.

Installing a self-contained mobile surveillance unit is a critical step for ensuring construction site security and reducing losses.

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Mobile surveillance for construction projects

Keep unblinking eyes on your valuable tools, heavy machinery, lumber, copper pipes and steel.  The mere presence of construction surveillance cameras  deters theft. Maryland Security Professionals has the right solution for your short and long-term construction security needs with powerful cameras that offer 360-degree coverage.

We design, integrate and install mobile surveillance for construction projects. After installation, our team will handle all maintenance, component upgrades and repairs free of charge. From your initial security audit to turnkey construction camera installation and follow-up support, our mission is to help clients protect their assets and streamline operations using advanced video surveillance.

A mobile construction site security system is cost effective, easily deployable and helps:

  • Prevent construction material theft
  • Discourage intruders, trespassers and thieves
  • Defend perimeter security
  • Ensure a safe working area
  • Monitor daily construction activities and productivity
  • Save money through loss prevention
  • Provide digital evidence that may be used in court

Affordable construction site security systems

A solar-powered construction surveillance system offers significant cost savings. There is no equipment to purchase, no charges for service and maintenance, and the unit is completely operational year-round.

Mobile surveillance units do not require electricity or hard-wiring and feature:

  • Four 150-watt solar panels
  • Industrial battery for ample reserve power
  • High-definition cameras with infrared technology
  • Police-style blue and red strobe lighting
  • On-board recording device
  • License plate recognition (LPR) camera

Monitor your construction remotely from your cell phone with wireless data transmission. Our construction surveillance systems have no start-up costs and are available for lease under flexible and custom terms, making it a practical solution for owners, contractors and shareholders to safeguard their investment in materials and manpower.

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High costs of not securing your jobsite

According to reports compiled by the National Association of Home Builders and the National Equipment Register (NER), between $300 million and $1 billion worth of construction site equipment and material is lost to theft every year in the United States. Law enforcement seldom recovers more than 10 percent of this pinched merchandise.

These numbers only reflect reported thefts. Smaller equipment, such as power tools and jobsite materials are rarely reported to authorities, most likely because the recovery rate is dismally low.

The bottom line is that a secure construction site reduces risk of potential liability while increasing overall profitability. Whether thousands or millions have been invested in a building project, monitoring and protecting equipment and day-to-day operations is vital. Maryland Security Professionals will provide a custom surveillance solution that works for your remote security needs.

For more information about our mobile construction site security systems or to schedule a FREE site assessment, please call Maryland Security Professionals at 410-514-8387.

Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security



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