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About Armed Guard Services

Maryland Security Professionals can support your security challenges with veteran armed security officers, each highly-trained with at least 10 years of on-duty law enforcement experience or equivalent military training.

This real-life professional expertise is instrumental when it comes to de-escalating dangerous situations and maintaining a strong presence that deters those with criminal intent. Armed security services are available for workplace security, commercial properties, schools, communities, personal security and any other need where trained professionals can be used deter a security concern or threat.

Armed protection using off duty or retired law enforcement

Maryland Security Professionals’ armed security officers are available for 24-hour security needs, including: crisis management, theft protection, vandalism, arson, trespassing, work place violence, employee terminations, office facility security, construction site security, special event security, and any situation that calls for armed guard services.

Armed guards help deter violent crime while enhancing feelings of security among vendors, customers and employees alike. At Maryland Security Professionals, armed guards are available for all of your short-term and long-term security needs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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We provide experienced, armed protection for:

  • Private corporate events
  • Special events
  • Daily corporate security
  • Office building security
  • Private and commercial construction sites
  • After hours security for plumbing, electrical or other utility work
  • Storage facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Conventions, concerts, and shows
  • Sporting events
  • Warehouses
  • Car dealerships
  • Money escorts
  • Parking lots
  • Fire watch
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) meetings and events
  • Domestic situations
  • Personal security

The advantage of professional experience in crisis management

Our primary objective is to provide an elite level of protection for your facility, guests, employees, merchandise, property and other interests, using the industry’s best security practices. And since our average armed officer has at least one decade of law enforcement or military experience, they are proven in effective strategies to stop potential disruptions and crimes before they ever occur.

This sort of knowledge cannot be gleaned in a three-week training course, but is slowly garnered over years of on-the-job experience.

Other security companies may hire and arm individuals who have only completed a brief training period, license exam and cursory background check. We believe this practice can prove costly and even dangerous for everyone involved.

Using proven approaches derived from those used by police agencies and military forces, our security professionals leverage unmatched training and skill to give our clients true peace of mind. Experienced armed professionals can prevent minor altercations from turning into deadly situations through careful observation and proven de-escalation techniques. Rather than passively observing their surroundings, they scrutinize and evaluate potential breaches and threats. Our tactics and strategies are so effective that weaponry is rarely necessary, but in the event that a situation escalates, we are fully prepared to protect and defend within the scope of the law.

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Fire watch services

In addition, Maryland Security Professionals provides exemplary fire watch services to companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our fire watch employees are off-duty professional firefighters whose qualifications and real-world experience are head and shoulders above the rest.  This service is ideal for buildings that have struggled with fire alarm failure, or business that are currently installing a fire protection system.

And if you need cold weather plumbing monitoring in new constructions, old buildings, churches, open trenches and other residential or commercial settings, we have the equipment to accurately monitor temperatures and maintain safety.

Armed guards for private and commercial services

Armed guards

Professional service and customer satisfaction are top priorities at Maryland Security Professionals. Whatever your situation demands, we are here to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your armed security needs.

To learn more about our uniformed armed protection and to schedule a free consultation for price estimates, we invite you to call 410-514-8387 today. We serve residents and commercial businesses in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia.


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