Mobile Surveillance Systems

About Mobile Surveillance Systems

Maryland Security Professionals provides state-of-the-art mobile surveillance systems designed with solar power for optimal perimeter security without the need for electricity or an outside power source. Eliminate losses due to theft and vandalism and enjoy peace of mind using the latest in surveillance technology.

Temporary, deployable, and self-contained surveillance systems provide practical solutions for a number of remote applications including:

  • Home builders / residential construction sites
  • Commercial construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Concerts / large outdoor events
  • Playgrounds / open space areas
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Selected enforcement areas by police, local governments, or HOAs

Ideal for short and long-term security needs, these mobile surveillance systems are particularly ideal for sites that do not have electricity.

Our systems are favorites of clients that do not have long-term, permanent security needs as the units are not “hard-wired” to any site or physical structure.

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Mobile surveillance system features

Every stand-alone surveillance system is meticulously assembled at our shop using integrated technology, customized to our client’s specific needs. Our systems feature state-of-the-art cameras which provide 360° of coverage, red and blue police style strobe lighting, and the highest quality DVRs to capture and record all activity.

Stand-out mobile surveillance features include:

  • Fully self-contained systems.
  • Solar powered with battery backups
  • 20 foot towers for unobstructed views
  • High definition, infrared cameras
  • High definition digital recording
  • On-board recording device
  • Blue and red flashing police style strobe lighting
  • License plate recognition camera
  • Wireless data transmission

Solar-powered mobile surveillance systems are available for either short or long-term lease. Solar surveillance units can run year-round.

The solar units feature four 150-watt solar panels as well as industrial batteries that can deliver hundreds of amperage hours of reserve power. Maryland Security Professionals will assess the needs of your site and make the appropriate recommendations. Our job is to ensure that your mobile surveillance system will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Mobile Surveillance Systems

Solar-powered mobile surveillance systems

Mitigate security risks & safeguard your investment

As a full-service security company in business for more than a decade, Maryland Security Professionals strives to offer the latest innovations in surveillance technology and unparalleled customer support.

As such, every system comes with a full service package, including investigations of thefts and other significant security events, routine maintenance and upgrades in technology. Our expert technicians will take care of ongoing service and maintenance at no additional cost.

Protect your investment, review employee productivity and deter theft by setting up a mobile surveillance system crafted with your unique security requirements and objectives in mind. Maryland Security Professionals provides FREE security evaluations and assessments in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia and Delaware.

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Short and long-term leases available

When partnering with Maryland Security Professionals for your mobile surveillance needs, you enjoy a full service, “turn-key” operation. We take care of everything from component recommendation to system installation and maintenance. There is no need to buy any equipment. Short and long-term leases are available.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Direct line to the Account Manager – We take customer service seriously and pride ourselves on being available 24/7. Our valued customers have a direct line to the Account Manager to report any incidents or request movement of the mobile surveillance system.
  • Weekly or biweekly maintenance – We provide routine power source checks, ensure cameras are focused and operating optimally and DVR systems are recording and storing data properly. If any camera or device malfunctions, we will replace the component free of charge while under our lease.
  • Thorough investigations and follow-up – If a theft or significant incident occurs while the system is deployed, our team will promptly review video footage, providing pertinent, digital video leads for the police department. All of our staff members are retired law enforcement, giving us valuable knowledge in the event a criminal investigation is necessary.
  • Insurance protection – If components of the system are stolen, broken, or damaged by weather, vandalized, or accident they will be repaired and replaced at no charge.

Given today’s rising crime challenges, mobile surveillance units must be adaptable and effective. Enjoy the benefits of reliable surveillance at a fraction of the cost compared to using a security guard. Our systems work 24/7 and never take a break. For your short and long-term security needs, our self-contained surveillance systems are a proven deterrent for all your challenges.

For more information about our variety of surveillance systems, please call Maryland Security at 410-514-8426.

Mobile Surveillance Systems

Solar-powered mobile surveillance systems


Customer Review

MSP did an incredible job installing cameras on my property! Thank you for being so professional and efficient. This company is honest, fair and hardworking from start to finish. I was concerned about the aesthetics but the product was sleek and blends well. The optics are very clear and the system is easy to use. I highly recommend MSP to anyone looking for a reliable mobile camera system and great customer service.

Katie Hart
Maryland Resident

Services performed: Commercial and Residential Camera Installation
Rating: 5 stars

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