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Corporate America has been plagued with increasing incidents of workplace violence, especially following employee terminations. Terminating personnel is never a pleasant task, but any sort of dismissal can prove risky and particularly dangerous if the person has a history of mental illness or aggressive or hostile behavior in or out of the workplace.

Violence in the workplace is a very real thing that is known to occur in connection with termination. A quick glance at recent news headlines reveals a number of shootings and shocking acts of violence in the days and weeks trailing corporate layoffs and firings.

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Employee terminations & armed workplace security

Losing one’s job can be a traumatic prospect — it often means the loss of financial stability, professional humiliation, and negative effects on self-esteem. For some unstable individuals, job loss can push them over the edge. Employers are encouraged to consider their workplace security and how they can diminish the chance of an employee turning violent and compromising the safety of others.

Here at Maryland Security Professionals, we specialize in corporate security and workplace terminations.  Our highly trained, armed guard professionals are uniquely qualified in crisis management and defusing emotional, hostile work environments when employment termination is imminent.

Our skilled security teams can deter and diffuse conflicts before they occur and are fully prepared to handle any contingency. In our experience, clients feel that employee termination security is an invaluable step in maintaining a stress-free workplace environment.

If you are concerned about a former worker’s subsequent violent tendencies, we will stay even after the termination to ensure workplace safety if the individual should ever return. Maryland Security Professionals will help you explore all of your options and make appropriate recommendations.

Keep your employees and assets safe

Whether you are dismissing a worker to prevent unnecessary risk, or worry that a termination may provoke violent actions, having trained security professionals on hand is a wise precaution. Maryland Security Professionals are experienced in de-escalating aggressive and hostile behavior, giving you peace of mind.

Experts say that one of the keys to a smooth termination is allowing departing employees to save face and maintain a sense of dignity.

But even under the most humane of circumstances, a seemingly even-tempered employee whose background has been vetted may get angry and resort to violence. And while there is no absolute way of knowing who may turn violent, there are some behaviors and other warning signs to watch out for.

It’s imperative that employers listen carefully for potential fallout following a job termination. Always take verbal threats seriously, which may be indicators of an impending confrontation or hostile act. If you suspect your former employee may be prone to violence, then consider working with a team of armed workplace security professionals.

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Warning signs to heed

It is not always the disgruntled or short-fused employee who turns to violence after termination. Most individuals learn how to cope with being let go without destroying themselves and others in the process, but some do not.

Risk factors that may point to a problematic termination:

  • An employee who is already experiencing financial difficulties
  • An individual who is quick to blame others for their own personal issues
  • An employee who is short-tempered and quick to anger
  • Individuals with known substance abuse issues
  • Employees who often exhibit brief acts of violence
  • Those who frequently engage in verbal arguments and are confrontational
  • An employee who has suddenly become anti-social

Employment termination security

There are several compelling reasons to partner with Maryland Security Professionals if you are in need of workplace security during or after employee terminations.

We offer our clients:

  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Armed security professionals with law enforcement and military backgrounds
  • Customized corporate security
  • Exceptional risk management skills
  • High standards of professionalism
  • Competitive rates

To learn more about our workplace security services including executive protection and body guard services, please call 410-514-8387.

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