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Maryland Security Professionals offers security services for protection of your home or business.  Guard services are provided by off-duty or retired police officers with at least 10 years of field experience and the training to handle almost any type of security threat that may arise. Maryland Security Professionals care greatly about your security concerns. Based in Annapolis, we serve Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland.  We also provide security services throughout Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. Call to schedule an appointment with a highly qualified member of our team.

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Construction site security

Every year, builders lose significant sums of money in construction site equipment and material to theft each year. Defend your perimeter, discourage theft, ensure a safe work environment, monitor productivity and reduce losses with self-contained mobile surveillance units designed to protect construction sites. Turnkey security camera setup, installation, maintenance, component upgrades, repairs and ongoing support is all handled by our experienced team of security professionals.

Armed guard services

Armed guards deter potential security threats at a range of venues including special events, office buildings, retail centers, sporting events, parking lots, concerts and many other sites.  Maryland Security Professionals are also available to transport and deliver large bank deposits, protect individuals involved in domestic disputes, monitor the aftermath of employee terminations, and other potentially dangerous situations. We can also provide 24-hour armed protection from theft or trespassing, and watch for fire in the event your alarm system is compromised. Learn more about the protection benefits of working with our highly trained and experienced armed guard services.

Employee background checks

Maryland Security Professionals is available to verify the integrity of any given information given by employees in an effort to lower your liability, cut down on future expenses, and ensure a proper fit with your company. In addition, an employee background check protects your company’s reputation, your assets, and your employees. Background checks may include a social security number trace, national criminal databases search, sex offender check list, address history verification, terrorist watch list check, criminal court check, education and employer verification, motor vehicle records check, drug screening, professional license verification, and more.

Executive protection and body guard services

Top executives and CEOs in the Mid-Atlantic region face unique security threats that are best handled by seasoned professionals with significant law enforcement and military experience. Armed body guards assist in evaluating settings for potential dangers, developing escape plans and safe travel routes, gathering intelligence, identifying suspicious behavior, handling medical emergencies and coordinating teams of specialists to oversee large events where top-level security is paramount. Maryland Security Professionals can provide body guard services for celebrities, executives, victims of violence, court witnesses, pharmaceutical and precious metal couriers and political candidates on an as-needed or long-term basis.

Private investigation

Having the right information can make or break a court case and greatly affect a personal decision. While many amateurs offer this type of service, only trained law enforcement professionals possess the skills necessary to do the job quickly, efficiently, and within the scope of the law.  Call Maryland Security Professionals to discuss the wide range of private investigation services we offer.

Workplace security

Employers cannot be too careful when it comes to ensuring the safety of employees against threats of violence. Employee termination is just one example of potential security risk that may escalate without professional intervention. Armed security professionals can help companies assess perilous people and situations, identify potential security weaknesses on the premises, and maintain a safe working environment in the workplace.

Workplace Security

Event security

Events large and small represent considerable liability for the host. Maryland Security Professionals provides a wide range of event security services, including: first aid stations, parking lot surveillance, executive security for VIPs, armed personnel for entrances and exits, production equipment security, crowd control, security camera installation, and more. Call for a comprehensive consultation about security at your next event.

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    Maryland Security Professionals delivers reliable, top-caliber security services at affordable rates. We take great pride in our ability to keep you safe and handle any concerns in a manner consistent with the security industry’s best practices. Contact Maryland Security Professionals at 410-846-0249 to learn more about security services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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