Wireless Surveillance

About wireless surveillance

Wireless surveillance is an essential component in most modern, high-tech surveillance systems. “Wireless” surveillance refers to the data transmission of images captured at a secure site, thereby allowing monitoring from any remote location with an internet connection, including your cell phone.

Maryland Security Professionals offers a full range of custom surveillance systems from fixed pole systems to mobile, solar-powered options, to commercial and residential camera installation. Wireless data transmission provides construction site managers, home owners, business owners, and any entity with a security concern, the peace of mind and freedom to oversee their assets from wherever they may be.

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Benefits of wireless surveillance systems

Consider the following benefits of wireless security:

  • Better Monitoring – Instantly check on your property from a remote location. Having access to a live video stream is what most people pay for with a surveillance system.
  • Flexibility – Check your camera feeds from your cell phone or off-site computer.
  • Easy Installation – Wireless installations do away with the need for trenching or construction, which can save weeks of set-up in favor of immediate coverage.
  • Ease of Scalability – Adding more cameras to a wireless surveillance system is a simple and affordable.
  • Affordable Expense –Wireless systems can save substantial amounts of money as compared with permanent, hard-wired data transmission. Start with a small security investment and grow your wireless surveillance system alongside the growth of your business.
  • Sustainability – Fewer cables means less manufacturing, which is good for the environment.
    Though “wireless” refers to the transmission of video, some security cameras will require a cable or wire in order to receive power.

Why work with Maryland Security Professionals?

Maryland Security Professionals install wireless surveillance systems that can accommodate a wide range of surveillance concerns. Whether you need smaller-scale surveillance of your home or local business, or a larger-scale job to handle monitoring of a special event, construction site, or HOA – our security team can design a wireless surveillance system that will address your security needs and fit your budget.

Please call 410-514-8387 to set up a consultation with our team of surveillance experts and let us design the right surveillance setup for you. We provide service within Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C, and other areas across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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