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Maryland Security Professionals offer a variety of video surveillance systems that feature cutting-edge technologies. Outfitting your home, business, construction site or commercial property with the latest in video surveillance makes it easy to manage security concerns, record day-to-day activities and capture crucial footage in the event of theft or vandalism.

customized and properly installed surveillance system can save both time and money while improving safety for households, homeowner’s associations, gated communities, businesses, schools, hospitals and large commercial sites.

Consider the following advantages video surveillance systems afford:

  • Deters crime, theft and break-ins
  • Increases perimeter or localized security
  • Discourages vandals, trespassers and illegal behavior
  • Captures visual evidence – a valuable investigative tool
  • Promotes safety
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Prevents dishonest premises liability claims
  • Monitors visitor entry and exit
  • Helps personnel maintain crowd control
  • Enhances building or restricted area security

Thanks to recent technological advances, home and business video surveillance is now increasingly affordable, whether you need wireless monitoring from a remote location, or a fixed mount system for  better perimeter security. At Maryland Security Professionals, all of our camera systems are designed within the framework of your unique security challenges and budget.

We design, install and maintain video surveillance systems for both residential and commercial applications, including:

  • Mobile Surveillance – Ideal for builders, construction sites or areas without electricity mobile surveillance units are solar powered and feature high definition infrared cameras, police-style strobe lighting and digital recording.
  • Fixed Pole Surveillance – Used by (HOA) community entrances, shopping centers and commercial sites, these systems offer superior security coverage from a 20’ metal pole mounting. Electric and solar-powered systems available.
  • Commercial and Residential Camera Installation – Keep your investment protected with a custom-built surveillance package that meets your home and business security needs. Systems feature TVI technology, remote access capabilities and digital recording devices. We can also retrofit or replace analog systems.
  • Wireless Surveillance – Watch live video feeds from your smartphone or tablet and monitor your assets or check for unusual activity from any remote location. Ideal for home and business owners, construction sites, or any site with security challenges.
  • License Plate Recognition – Compatible with both mobile and fixed surveillance systems, LPR cameras capture clear images of license plates in motion, day or night. Infrared technology combined with high shutter speeds ensures detailed pictures in all conditions, 24 hours a day.
  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Virtually undetectable hidden cameras – fixed, wireless or wearable – blend into any environment for undercover surveillance or investigations in even low-light conditions.

Benefits of choosing a professional security company

The team at Maryland Security Professionals will conduct a full security survey of your property and develop a comprehensive plan to reduce your security concerns. Our  staff is comprised of retired and off-duty law enforcement officers who boast at least 10 years of real-world experience and invaluable knowledge in the area of loss prevention and security risks. We are proud to offer competitive pricing on a range of powerful and effective surveillance systems to homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Take advantage of our flexible options to address short or long-term security needs. Contact Maryland Security Professionals at 410-514-8389 to learn more about surveillance systems for residential and commercial use.


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