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Maryland Security Professionals provide event security in a variety of settings regardless of venue or number of attendees. Call to review the requirements of your special event including special requests such as VIP treatment, first aid stations, production equipment security, and more.

About Event Security

Maryland Security Professionals is a leading provider of event security throughout the Washington D.C. metro area, as well as Virginia and Maryland. We manage a team of highly-trained professionals who ensure that your event always goes off as planned. Event security officers can make all the difference in the success of any type of event, whether we are staffing a parking lot, convention center, sporting event or concert. Having professional, trained and disciplined security officers can set the tone early in an event. Our seasoned staff identifies threats and stops them before they occur, protecting event goers, guests and performers.

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    Event security services in MD, D.C. and VA

    Having a professional security assessment prior to your event is crucial in having sufficient coverage and protection. To ensure the most comprehensive event coverage, Maryland Security Professionals works with your management personnel to develop effective strategies and mitigate potential threats.

    Maryland Security Professionals has provided event security for a variety of events throughout MD and the D.C. area at venues ranging from auditoriums to large arenas and stadiums. Our event security officers have many years of real-world experience and professional training, offering clients an elite level of service that is attentive and can deter undesirable and criminal activity.

    We provide highly trained security experts for a variety of event venues including:

    • Stadiums
    • Parking lots
    • Arenas
    • Award shows and ceremonies
    • Trade shows and convention centers
    • Private parties
    • Festivals
    • Colleges, Universities and high schools

    Effective event security

    Our event security services are designed to provide customized solutions for your next event. We provide event security officers who are trained to the highest industry standards and our strong customer-service focus has made our organization one of the most trusted providers of special event security in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Our event security services include:

    • First aid and first responder responses to medical emergencies
    • Protection of VIP event guests or performers
    • Transportation of VIP guests
    • After hours protection of the event location and production/sound equipment
    • Monitoring of a money room or cashier area
    • Access control
    • Perimeter security
    • Parking security
    • Transportation of event funds to a secure location
    • Crowd control and monitoring, helping to maintain a safe environment
    • Traffic control to reduce congestion and unnecessary delays
    • Setting up temporary fencing to direct traffic, crowds and/or pedestrian traffic
    • Specific security during your event, such as:  equipment area, product area, green room, or other designated off limit areas
    Get Secured Now, Hire us Today!

    Free Consultation and Estimate

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    Work with a trusted provider for special event security

    Regardless of where your special event takes place, or how complex the logistics may appear, Maryland Security Professionals has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the event is safe and well run. Our officers know that each event is unique, and will have its own set of requirements, challenges and dynamics.

    Maryland Security Professionals understands that every event security job is different, which is why we provide a thorough assessment beforehand to develop the most effective approach and strategies. Our licensed event security officers assess every detail, prepare contingency plans and can maximize protection by reducing the likelihood of security threats.

    If you want to guarantee a safe and successful event in MD, VA or Washington D.C., contact Maryland Security Professionals to learn more about our event security services and rates. Please call (410) 514-8470.

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