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For more than a decade, Maryland Security Professionals has provided residential and commercial customers with comprehensive security systems from home security camera installations to large-scale business applications. The security solutions we offer are designed to meet any and all security goals, whether basic deterrence, physical protection or prevention of losses due to theft. Our coverage area reaches to West Virginia.

Our professionals are deeply committed to the highest standards of customer service and have in-depth knowledge of the latest surveillance systems and technologies. Together with our clients, we develop the security solutions West Virginians need to ensure the security of their homes and business enterprises.

Customized camera installation for West Virginia residents and businesses

Maryland Security Professionals is able to assist a broad range of industrial and commercial enterprises as well as private homes. Since not all prospective customers understand the full scale of security vulnerabilities they face on a daily basis, we gladly offer on-site consultations and price estimates for commercial and residential camera installation at no cost.

After we have assessed critical security needs, our team goes to work developing a fully customized security plan that addresses the major risks uncovered during the inspection process. We have every confidence that the systems we install will represent the most effective, budget-conscious solutions that West Virginia residents and business owners desire.

Construction site security in WV

Commercial and residential building is ongoing across the state of West Virginia with developers making construction site security a real priority. Building sites are especially vulnerable to theft, due to the large amount of equipment and materials kept onsite. Such losses on construction sites can slow project schedules, cause missed deadlines and significantly cut into anticipated profits.

We understand the importance of 24/7 perimeter security and offer self-contained, solar-powered mobile surveillance units that can be used in remote areas without electrical service. High-definition, infrared cameras capture digital recordings on construction sites and providing the convenience of wireless transmission that may be monitored remotely.

High-tech wireless surveillance in West Virginia

Most modern security cameras have the ability to transmit the data captured at a given site directly to property owners via their cellphones or internet-capable devices. Such wireless surveillance has been a real game-changer, offering a live video stream of property that may be remotely monitored at any time. Other benefits of the technology include ease of installation, flexibility, and affordability for concerned property owners. Talk to Maryland Security Professionals about installing a customizable security system featuring high-tech wireless technology.

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Ask about covert camera installation, LPR cameras, and other new technology

Maryland Security Professionals can incorporate other high-tech features like license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and covert cameras as part of your comprehensive security plan. Learn about LPR cameras featuring shutter speeds of over 1,000 frames per second and infrared technology to capture fast-moving vehicles in any lighting condition. Covert cameras, some as as small as a matchbook, are also available to discreetly monitor anything from sensitive documents in your office to childcare providers in your home. Maryland Security Professionals is always proud to deliver the most current information about all the latest technology and what features will be most appropriate for your security needs.

Permanent residential security for West Virginians

Gated communities, condominium developments and apartment complexes across West Virginia require strong crime deterrence and prevention techniques to protect their residents. A fixed pole camera system, mounted atop permanent 20 foot poles, is particularly effective in these types of areas, creating a strong security presence when placed in entrance points, parking areas and other spots throughout a residential community. Features include motion-sensitive data recording capability that can be stored for 14 days, license plate recognition cameras

Short and long-term WV security solutions

West Virginia is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and anyone looking for adventure. With a heavy concentration of nature preserves, National Park lands, stunning resorts and historic Civil War sites, the state presents its own unique security needs.

Maryland Security Professionals offers short and long-term security solutions, including custom manufactured surveillance systems, for residents and business owners throughout the region.

Securing West Virginia college campuses

West Virginia is home to numerous educational institutions, all of which are vulnerable to the threat of violence. Our team is able to design security and surveillance systems that help ensure the safety of students, employees and faculty at colleges, universities and other institutions.

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Maryland Security Professionals is eager to share our knowledge and insights with customers throughout West Virginia. To discuss your security concerns or schedule a free on-site inspection, you can reach our office at 410-224-3029.

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