Executive Protection & Body Guard Services

About Executive Protection & Body Guard Services

Maryland Security Professionals specialize in armed, personal protection services aimed at deterring and intercepting threats against our clients before they become a serious issue.

Executive protection in the Mid-Atlantic region

We understand that top executives and CEOs can have particular security challenges. They are sometimes forced to make unpopular decisions for the greater good that could put them at risk for violence by past or existing employees. Certain industries marked by fierce competition may also jeopardize an executive’s safety. If something were to happen to them, the entire company culture could be threatened and millions of dollars at risk.

Armed bodyguard services

In addition to business owners, executives, and celebrities, our team lends their professional experience, skills and abilities to:

  • Victims of domestic violence during court proceedings or safe relocations
  • Celebrities
  • Witnesses testifying in court cases
  • Money or precious metal couriers
  • Pharmaceutical couriers
  • Political candidates or officer holders
  • Landlords who have been forced to evict residents
  • And any circumstance where a physical threat to a person is possible
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Trained, experienced security professionals

Our team of security professionals make every reasonable attempt to identify and avoid potential threats to our clients. Our advanced network of partnerships allows you to go about your daily business, choosing the safest routes and always having a logistical plan in place should you need to exit promptly. All of our security professionals have served as police officers or members of the military, with significant experience in the field. Our connections with local and national law enforcement agencies are well-maintained and built on decades of individual relationships and trusted reputations.

Our professional protection services include:

  • Evaluating and setting up security and surveillance equipment wherever necessary
  • Planning safe travel routes and developing escape plans
  • Investigating threats and gaining intelligence
  • Driving clients to their destinations with evasive maneuvers that can lose followers
  • Reading suspicious behavior and avoiding conflict, as well as, potentially serious situations
  • Self-defense and firearm protection in the presence of a threat
  • Providing basic emergency medical skills in the worst case scenarios
  • Coordinating teams of specialists to oversee big events

What makes a great bodyguard and personal protection specialist?

A protection specialist has years of knowledge, skills, and abilities through police or military training and hones-in on hundreds of seemingly minor details.

As active or former military and law enforcement, all bodyguards we work with have advanced training in weapons, surveillance, legal issues, as well as crisis intervention.

Personal protection involves a high level of discretion and respect for your privacy. We understand that our job may involve interactions with your key contacts and sometimes fielding your phone calls. For these reasons, our security personal possesses top-notch interpersonal communication skills.

We are polite professionals who reflect positively on your reputation. We are also prepared to be by your side in a variety of different situations, including ones you may need to keep private.

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MD Security Professionals is based out of Annapolis, Maryland, but we service the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. We meet the highest expectations of VIP clients, celebrities, business executives, public figures, and all others who have specific security challenges. A staff representative arranges everything — from the big picture down to the smallest detail — in order to serve your every request.

Contact us at 410-514-8387 to schedule a consultation with someone from our team. Ask us about our other security services such as employee background checks and private investigation services.

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