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3 Reasons to Add License Plate Recognition Cameras to A Security System

May 21, 2018

Aerial view of cars in a parking lot.License plate recognition cameras, also known as Tag Rec cameras, are changing the way law enforcement tracks down criminal suspects. The cameras, which can be affixed to either stationary or mobile objects, are proving invaluable in a wide range of applications and settings, including construction sites, gated communities, commercial properties, parking lots and garages.

Tag recognition cameras have been installed on toll roads and mounted on urban city traffic lights, helping police identify stolen vehicles, recover illegal firearms and nab criminals on the run.

License plate recognition cameras – dynamic tools for enhanced security

Tag recognition cameras are a dynamic tool for not only law enforcement, but public and private properties that need an extra set of eyes. Maryland Security Professionals installs LPR cameras with leading-edge technology that can be customized to suit a variety of applications. This technology has incredible security benefits for commercial enterprises, HOAs, building sites and other markets.

Infrared illumination ensures clear, reliable license plate images are captured in complete darkness.  Whether mounted at the entrance of a residential community, or on the side of a commercial building, this technology is an excellent addition to an existing security surveillance system.

Here are three compelling reasons to consider augmenting a security system with license plate recognition cameras.

#1: Improved technology

Tag recognition cameras can accommodate fast or slow-moving traffic with top level accuracy. Enjoy high definition resolution, and the ability to customize for short and long-range applications. Ultra-fast shutter speeds capture 1000+ frames per second, delivering crisp, accurate images. Infrared ensures superior images regardless of lighting or weather conditions. In addition, the cameras are easily integrated with existing security software and digital recording devices.

#2: Versatile security solution

LPR technology can be utilized to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic at a single entrance point, or implemented across an entire property using vehicle-mounted cameras and mobile apps. This scalability is a vital asset to both residential and commercial customers looking to enhance their security. Potential applications include:

  • Monitoring secure parking lot/garage traffic
  • Complementing access control systems in gated communities
  • Controlling entry points for enhanced perimeter security
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing freight
  • Monitoring visitor access in airports, malls, hospitals and other commercial environments

#3: Deter crime and manage risk

License plate recognition cameras provide a level of deterrence to would-be criminals. Increasing numbers of businesses, property owners, and gated communities are enhancing their security systems with license tag scanners to ward off potential thieves and help law enforcement apprehend criminals by running images through MVA records.

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Augment your security system with tag recognition cameras

Tag rec cameras enhance awareness, track movement, support investigations, and can extend the reach of your current security system. To discuss how you can augment your security with innovative solutions from Maryland Security Professionals, we invite you to call 410-849-0059 for a complimentary consultation.

We proudly offer Tag Recognition Cameras to our customers throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and other areas within the mid-Atlantic region.

Additional Resources on License Plate Recognition Cameras:

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