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5 Home Improvement Trends for 2020

December 20, 2019
man install outdoor surveillance ip camera for home security

As the new year approaches and people begin sketching out their goals for the year, you can expect home improvement projects to make the cut on many peoples’ lists. Based on current trends, there are a few improvements we can expect a lot of homeowners to make to their home.

Whether you’re looking for big home makeovers or simple fixes to increase the functionality, safety, and security of your home, check out this year’s home improvement trends for inspiration.

More energy efficient

From upgrading to energy-efficient lighting to installing solar panels on the roof, many homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of how their energy consumption is having an effect on the climate (and their energy bills). Replacing old, energy-sucking appliances with newer, more energy-efficient models along with other work such as better installation, renewable energy models, and better consumption habits is expected to dominate 2020’s home renovation projects.

Paying homage to the old

All that is old is new. While the latest technology will dominate many homes, we can still expect to see classic design touches such as refurbished furniture, antique record players, saved flooring, renovated trimmings, and other classical home structures. Renovation projects are becoming even easier and more accessible, as many homeowners can accomplish them on their own with the help of YouTube tutorials, blogs, and Pinterest boards.

Functional gardens

The growing consciousness of our food sources and desire for affordable, organic vegetables is now expanding into our home designs. In 2020, you can expect to see more home gardens, ranging from simple windowsill herb gardens to extensive and complex backyard patches that provide all of the veggies your salad can dream of. Even urban homeowners will be taking advantage of vertical gardening to grow their favorite veggies in their kitchens, rooftop terraces, or patios.

Smarter homes

While the famous futuristic cartoon “The Jetsons” took place in 2062, we can already see many of its influences in our homes today. We can expect to see new technologies such as doors that can be locked and unlocked remotely, lights that can be turned on from your phone, thermostats that can track your heating habits, and speakers that control your music and almost everything in your home with simple voice commands.

Customized home video surveillance system

man install outdoor surveillance ip camera for home securityHomeowners are also turning to new technologies that make their homes safer and more secure. Installing affordable, quality wireless video surveillance systems will be ranking at the top of many people’s home improvement lists. Not only do security cameras deter burglars and help law enforcement catch the culprits if a crime is committed on your property, but with wireless capability and cloud storage, you can check live footage on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, 24/7. With wireless surveillance systems, homeowners can check in on pet sitters, see if packages have arrived, or make sure the kids have made it home from school.

Have your wireless security system professionally installed

At Maryland Security Professionals, we help homeowners take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technologies to improve the safety and security of their homes. We offer free audits, in which we walk through your security needs and design a custom plan that will work for you. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our team of professionals.

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