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5 Ways Car Dealerships Can Improve Security

February 14, 2018

Colorful Brand New Compact Vehicles For Sale on the Dealer Parking Lot.With so much valuable merchandise displayed in one location, car dealerships are a prime target for thieves, especially after-hours. Are you a car dealer looking to upgrade your existing security system? Maryland Security Professionals recommends starting with this checklist of five ways to improve security and deter theft at car lots.

1. Put the Spotlight on Your Fleet

Making sure your lot is well-lit is key to preventing car theft. Thieves will be less likely to put themselves at risk if they can be spotted easily. If you already have a surveillance system in place, it will be easier to monitor your property through the cameras if the area has proper lighting.

2. Invest in a State-of-the-Art Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras conspicuously positioned around the lot may be enough to dissuade criminals from attempting to steal vehicles. In the event an incident does occur, a professional security surveillance system will capture the evidence needed to help prosecute the crime.

3. Strategic Placement of Cars

Be strategic and position your cars on the lot in a manner that will prevent loss. For example, box in the most valuable cars completely, blocking any exits a thief could access. Block all driving paths out of the lot, parking cars at the end of aisles or near exits. Make sure you put the emergency brake on and turn front wheels to the side when parking each vehicle, making it tough to remove its wheels or tow.

4. Consider Gated Access

The installation of gated access control in the evening hours could make a significant impact on the security of your dealership. Gates make it very difficult to drive a car out of a lot, and will also keep trespassers from getting in the area. Access control ensures only those people authorized to be in the lot after hours will get in, and if someone tries to scale the gate or tamper with a keypad, an alarm sounds and the authorities are alerted.

5. Hire Night Security Guards

While business security surveillance systems can capture a crime in progress, a perpetrator may still be able to escape before police arrive on the scene. Security officers on the grounds provide an immediate response to a threat. As with visible  surveillance cameras, their presence alone may deter thieves.

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