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Cameras in Day Care Centers: A Wise Investment

March 23, 2018

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher Using Crayons DrawingDay care centers install camera security systems to enhance child safety, lower threat risk, and allow parents to be able to monitor their children’s activities throughout the day. Adding conspicuous video surveillance cameras both outside and inside the facility is effective in preventing incidents of negligent supervision on the part of caretakers, as well as safeguarding against trespassing by individuals who do not have clearance to be on the premises.

A comprehensive security surveillance system can help provide transparency between parents and day care staff, letting parents check in throughout the day to confirm that their children are being cared for by an attentive staff. Keeping a record of archived video footage is also an invaluable tool for these facilities to protect against liability in the event of any accusations.

Maryland Security Professionals customizes and installs security systems at daycare centers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

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Daycare cameras provide increased safety

Security cameras give daycare staff the ability to continuously monitor the children under their care and know immediately of any incidents as they occur. Potential threats include abduction, children wandering off, falls and injuries, mistreatment or negligent supervision by staff. Active monitoring of the camera feeds will show if a child is in danger and trigger a swift response on the part of the monitor. Prior footage can be reviewed at any time to review past incidents.

Parents can monitor children from their cell phone

Wireless technology can offer parents the option of viewing the footage remotely from a smartphone, tablet or other device to check on the status and location of their children in real time. This added peace of mind may work as a potential  advantage over competitors who may not offer this invaluable security feature at their facility.

Day Care Security Systems Experts

Maryland Security Professionals is a recognized leader in camera surveillance in the mid-Atlantic region. If you would like a free security audit, we will come to your site in Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Washington, D.C., or Maryland. With your input, we can customize a daycare center surveillance camera system to meet your specific security concerns and fit within your budgetary restrictions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to ensure that your daycare facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system.

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