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Can Security Camera Footage Be Used as Evidence in Court?

October 17, 2017
scales of justice in courtroom

scales of justice in courtroomWith technological improvement, security camera footage has progressed to high-definition images that can incorporate features like facial recognition and night vision. When it comes to proving a case in court, video surveillance footage of the alleged criminal act can be highly persuasive evidence. Having professional surveillance camera systems have the potential to provide valuable evidence for court actions ranging from personal injury lawsuits to property damage claims, to criminal charges. 

Police rely on security camera footage

Surveillance footage may be offered as proof in a variety of legal matters. In criminal proceedings, surveillance footage is so helpful that police forces across the nation have adopted camera registration programs that enable police to pinpoint security cameras near the scene of a crime.

Washington DC offers a security system incentive program that includes rebates and vouchers to eligible individuals and organizations who install a qualifying camera system and register it with the Metropolitan Police Department. Baltimore police also rely on security footage to virtually expand their eyes on the ground. 

Admissibility issues surrounding surveillance images

ecurity camera and urban videoThe admissibility of evidence captured on security cameras may be objectionable by opposing counsel. To overcome admissibility hurdles, those offering surveillance footage should be able to show that:

  1. The footage is accurate. This requires that the camera and recording system were operating properly and that the images corroborate other evidence. A common problem to watch for is incorrect time and/or date stamps, especially after the fall and springtime changes. Another potential issue is poor quality images. Older camera technology often produces images too blurry or grainy to use as evidence, but newer security cameras installed by professionals can produce extremely high quality and reliable footage.
  2. The chain of custody is unbroken. It is important to be able to show who had possession of the video from the time it was stored in order to establish that it has not been manipulated. In the past, a video would have been stored on physical tapes, making the chain of custody question easier to answer. With digital storage and retrieval, the chain of custody questions can become more technical.

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