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How Can I Hide My Outdoor Security Cameras?

March 22, 2020

Security cameras are most effective at deterring crime when they are visible. However, there are some instances where a property owner or business may want to be more discreet about their security system. If you are looking to install a covert camera network, you should consult with a security professional to ensure your system and installation tactics are best matched to your security needs and budget.

Where to hide outdoor security cameras

You can use various objects and positioning to disguise your outdoor cameras. Options include placing cameras inside bird feeders, lawn ornaments, mailboxes, or similar objects on the property and utilize existing holes or create new ones for the camera to “see” through. You can also use PVC piping to disguise your camera as part of your outdoor sprinkler or lighting system. Small cameras can be attached to doorbells or outdoor lighting, which will give you great views of your front door, one of the most common entry points for criminals.

Another tactic is to hide cameras in existing bushes or trees. However, you’ll want to make sure you are continually checking that branches or leaves aren’t growing or blowing into the camera’s view.

Covering wires from your outdoor security cameras

Most cameras require hardwiring to your home or business. Even wireless cameras, which can allow you to access live video footage from your phone, no matter where you’re at, needs to be connected through cables. Covering these wires is a critical step in concealing your cameras—since criminals will likely become suspicious of wires running up a tree trunk or into your mailbox. Burying wires or covering them with PVC piping usually does the trick. You can also utilize solar-powered or battery-powered cameras to avoid the need to use long-reaching cables.

Choosing cameras for your hidden security system

Many factors should be considered before deciding on which security cameras are right for your needs. Wireless cameras offer many features, such as the ability to view the live video feed from anywhere at any time, while mobile security cameras give you freedom from electrical wiring. Additionally, you’ll likely want to ensure that your cameras record high-quality footage, contain sufficient storage space, and can capture nighttime activities with quality night vision.

Why you may want to hide your security cameras

If you are looking to deter theft at your store or home, it is best to make your security cameras visible. However, there can be advantages to having hidden cameras, which can help to catch people in the act of suspected criminal activity, such as a dishonest employee, unfaithful spouse, or negligent caretakers. Hidden cameras can also be helpful in catching criminals who may have planned a way to block or bypass your visible cameras.

Whatever your reasons are for hiding your cameras, our security professionals can help.

Professionally installed security cameras

At Maryland Security Professionals, our team of former law enforcement and security experts will perform a free security audit for your home and business and provide you with a customized surveillance solution that matches the needs of your home or business. Contact us today to schedule your free audit.

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