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How Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

January 13, 2020

residential security cameraThere are roughly 2.5 million home burglaries reported each year across the U.S., costing the average homeowner just under $2,500. What’s more alarming is that only 19% of those culprits are caught. That’s because home burglaries often lack credible eyewitnesses and the physical evidence needed to solve the crime. However, with the growing popularity of quality home surveillance systems, we can expect those statistics to change.

Security cameras installed in homes, businesses, and in public or community spaces are helping law enforcement identify, catch, and prosecute criminals of all types. Here’s how:

Accurate profiles

In the past, police have often had to rely on sometimes inaccurate descriptions provided by witnesses, which can make finding and prosecuting the person responsible for the crime difficult or even impossible. High-quality video footage, on the other hand, provides undeniable proof, clearly showing a perpetrator’s actions, clothing, build, vehicle, weapons, and possibly even a license plate number and face.

Incidents are reported sooner

Most burglaries take place when homeowners are away at work or traveling, leaving a lengthy window of time for burglars to break in, snag your valuables, and safely flee the neighborhood before you or your neighbors even realize a crime has occurred. The long hours between a crime being committed and reported can greatly diminish the likelihood of the thief being caught. Now, with improved security camera technologies, home and business owners can check up on their property in real-time straight from their smartphone and even be alerted to suspicious activity. This allows property owners to immediately call the police if something doesn’t look right.

It can catch more than you intend to

While your camera may be aimed at your home or your storefront, it could prove useful to crimes unrelated to your property. Police officials will sometimes solicit video footage provided by neighbors or local businesses to help establish the movements of victims and perpetrators.

It provides inside eyes during hostage situations and acts of terrorism

With an increase in school shootings and domestic terrorism, police are increasing their training on how to handle such events should they occur. One of the tools law enforcement taps into during such incidents are live feed surveillance cameras. These camera systems help to provide a real-time, inside look of what’s happening so that they can make smart, informed decisions on how to act. This can mean ending tragic events sooner, or before they even begin.

It can prove your hunch

Some people install covert cameras to catch a suspected criminal in the act. Covert video surveillance can help catch sticky-fingered cashiers, neglectful caretakers, deceitful subcontractors, and other bad actors and provide definitive proof of criminal activity to law enforcement.

Install a security system in your home or business

Don’t leave the security of your home or business to chance. Installing a custom-designed residential or commercial security system could be more affordable than you think—and well worth it if your property ever becomes a target. Schedule a free consultation with Maryland Security Professionals to see what a state-of-the-art, cost-effective security system could do for you.

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