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School Video Surveillance and How to Increase Safety

September 24, 2019
school hallway

school hallwayWith the number of violent incidents inside schools increasing across the United States, school safety is a top priority for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. One way to increase the security of your school is to install a customized, high-quality video surveillance system. Having a comprehensive security camera system allows your staff and security to monitor the entirety of the school grounds, keeping an eye on hallways, entrance ways, parking lots, playgrounds, sports fields, and other areas. The visible presence of security cameras on any premises is a known deterrent to crime and misconduct. If an incident does occur, staff and law enforcement will be better equipped to respond rapidly and effectively.

Monitoring the hallways

At Maryland Security Professionals, our cloud-based school security camera systems allow you to monitor live video feeds on your tablet, phone, or PC. This real-time monitoring empowers security and other staff to address situations before they escalate and will cause those tempted to act inappropriately to think twice before doing so.

A further advantage is that parents, students, and staff members will have greater peace of mind knowing that the school is taking security measures seriously and is better equipped to respond to dangerous or violent situations and can easily identify and punish those responsible for the incident.

Wireless surveillance cameras can help school officials with a variety of situations, including:

  • Fights or other incidents between classmates
  • Break-ins, school pranks, or other damages to the interior of the school
  • Unauthorized entrance of people that do not attend or work at the school
  • Ability to assist police with live monitoring during lockdown situations, such as a live shooter, hostage situation, or police chase
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Monitoring playgrounds and outdoor areas

Outdoor security measures are also key for schools. Self-contained mobile surveillance systems help protect sports fields, playgrounds, and other outside areas, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on school property day or night. Utilizing solar power, and equipped with high-definition night vision, mobile security cameras not only give you the ability to monitor incidents during school hours but also to catch culprits in the act during off-hour times when many acts of vandalism and trespass occur.

Professional mobile surveillance systems help schools increase their outside security and help prevent a variety of incidents, such as:

  • Damages to school property, such as graffiti, broken windows, and break-ins
  • Car accidents or other damages or vandalism to cars and personal property
  • Loitering and illegal activities such as drinking or the use of illicit drugs
  • Identification of suspicious adults that may be loitering around playgrounds or performing inappropriate actions

If you are interested in increasing your school’s safety with a customized, high-quality video surveillance system, trust in the expertise and experience of Maryland Security Professionals. We will install and maintain a custom-designed security camera system that works best for the unique needs and budget restrictions of your school. We service schools all across the mid-Atlantic region, including in Baltimore, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware. Contact us today to discuss commercial security camera installation options and to request your free audit.

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