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Is Surveillance in the Workplace Legal in West Virginia?

January 16, 2018

office security camera, workplace surveillance systemAs an employer, you want to be sure your staff is not engaging in any actions that violate work policy. Employers in West Virginia have the legal right to record their employees in the workplace provided that they abide certain restrictions . Learn more about the rules impacting surveillance in the state of West Virginia, and how Maryland Security Professionals can help bolster security in your place of business.

Work Surveillance in West Virginia

In the state of West Virginia, employers may install surveillance cameras on business premises including common office areas, industrial work floors, and any area where employees spend the majority of their shift, so long as there is a valid reason for their installation (i.e. preventing theft). Employees, however, must be informed that their actions and movements are being recorded.

When Is Surveillance Prohibited in WV?

Cameras are prohibited in designated privacy areas, such as restrooms, changing rooms, and individual office rooms.

It is recommended that employers outline in their office policies precisely when, where, and how employees will be monitored while on the clock. Transparency ensures employees understand the extent of the surveillance effort.

Other Security Measures

Though Maryland Security Professionals area of expertise is focused squarely on professional camera installation and security guard services, it is worth mentioning some additional measures WV business owners can to take to protect their interests including:

  • Audio recording of phone conversations, provided that calls are related to the business of the company and recording is taken for a legitimate reason
  • Review of business-related emails, including deleted emails
  • Monitoring of online activity
  • GPS tracking of employees outside the office when on a work-related task

Commercial Camera Installation in West Virginia

To safeguard your assets and ensure employee safety, contact Maryland Security Professionals for a free security audit of your place of business. Our seasoned industry experts will work with you to devise a customized West Virginia surveillance system that addresses all of your security concerns. Call for more information about our services offered throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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