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Security Cameras Benefit Both Nursing Home Operators and Residents

July 28, 2017

Nurse holding hand of senior woman in pension homeNursing homes increasingly face liability for resident injuries, exposing the operators to financial harm and damage to reputation. Poor ratings and complaints can even jeopardize funding for some of these institutions.

Surveillance systems can help minimize these risks and offer great benefits to both caregivers and nursing home residents. Maryland Security Professionals specializes in outfitting businesses with custom security surveillance solutions for businesses that meet the particular needs of these types of facilities.

Benefits of a nursing home security camera system

Security camera installation can prevent provide valuable documentation when allegations of misconduct arise.

A security system can also:

  • Protect facility property and the property of residents and staff from theft or vandalism
  • Deter criminal activity outside the facility when exterior cameras are visible
  • Verify who enters and exits the facility and provide verification of employees who report for duty
  • Discourage employee misconduct
  • Capture the actions of people on site in case of a dispute
  • Capture conditions of the property in the event of an injury claim
  • Lower insurance premiums through proactive management of risk; many insurance carriers offer incentives like lower insurance premiums for installing a professionally monitored security system

Special surveillance camera issues in nursing homes

Incorporating a business surveillance camera system can help instill confidence in the families of residents and reduce the likelihood of family and friends surreptitiously installing nanny cams (or “granny cams” as they are sometimes called in this context.) Such DIY hidden cameras can raise privacy concerns, especially when they capture the private actions of others.

Nursing homes are home to the residents, who lose some privacy based on their need for care, but who still require measures that protect their dignity. Choosing the location of cameras requires a balancing of interests between the privacy of residents and protecting them from abuse, theft, and other mistreatment from fellow residents, staff, or visitors.

Skilled care facility employees can sometimes be the target of unfounded claims of abuse or neglect. Thoughtfully placed cameras can provide the necessary evidence to rebut false claims, protecting the facility and providing reassurance to others that their loved ones are not being subjected to mistreatment.

Custom security camera solutions

Maryland Security Professionals is a leading provider of security systems in the Mid-Atlantic region. We custom fit each security solution to your needs and budget. If you are interested in learning more about customizable nursing home surveillance systems, call today to speak with a representative and schedule a no-cost security audit.

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