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Washington, D.C. Offers Security Camera Incentive for Low-Income Residents

December 6, 2016


As part of a Public Safety initiative to deter crime, the city government of Washington, D.C. initiated a Private Security Camera Incentive. The program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of security camera systems that are owned or leased by residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations or religious institutions. Since its launch last February, the city has approved over 1,000 applications, helping to fund 2,500 camera installations across the District’s eight wards.

In an effort to broaden the benefits of this initiative to low-income residents, city officials want those on public assistance to join the program by 2017. “We’re trying to find a vendor who will do the installation and instead of putting the money out, we’ll do it,” said the program’s administrator, Christopher Dyer.

D.C. Security Camera Incentive Program

Under the terms of the program, qualified applicants are reimbursed up to $200 of the surveillance system purchase price for every camera installed on the exterior of a residential building, with a maximum allowance of up to $500 per home address. Businesses, religious institutions and non-profits are eligible for a maximum rebate of $750 for camera systems installed on the outside of their properties.

Prospective applicants should note the following requirements for the security camera rebates:

  • Rebates are only available for camera systems installed on the exterior of the residential or commercial property.
  • Surveillance systems must be purchased and installed after September 22, 2015
  • All camera systems must be registered with the Metropolitan Police Department
  • Applicants must be an owner or tenant of a property located within the District of Columbia
  • Analog or digital cameras must weatherproof, outdoor models that meet technical specifications and retain surveillance footage for at least 48 hours

The Private Security Camera Incentive has already proven successful in helping D.C. police with several criminal investigations and arrests.  Law enforcement has used footage as evidence in cases involving auto theft, homicide and assault.

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