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What to Look for in a Security Camera Installer in Baltimore

December 14, 2018
ecurity camera and urban video

ecurity camera and urban videoThe New Year is not far off. Why not make a 2019 resolution to improve home safety? One way to do this is via security camera installation with Maryland Security Professionals. A high-grade video surveillance system acts as a set of extra eyes to keep tabs on your property 24/7. What exactly should you look for in a Baltimore security camera installer? Not all security-based services are created equal.

Camera Selections

What kinds of cameras does the company provide? Ideally, companies should offer different ranges of cameras and also be able to install and show homeowners how to use them. Common camera types include dome cameras, which are commonplace in retail stores. Another is a PTZ camera, which users can control, tilt, and zoom in remotely using a smart device. Homeowners also have the choice of wireless Wi-Fi-enabled IP cameras, which work for both outdoor and indoor settings and often come with motion detection.

Can installers explain to you in layman’s terms the differences between the various styles and make recommendations based on user-specific needs?

Security Lighting

A reputable company should take lighting into consideration. After all, the camera needs to adequately be able to pick up images at night or under other low visibility conditions. The video surveillance system installer should provide solutions here. This includes cameras with infrared capability, or with a high lux (low light) rating. The camera should be able to capture high-quality videos regardless of the environment. This is especially true regarding the Baltimore weather, which can fluctuate at either end of the temperature extremes.


Does the installer provide a warranty on their cameras? Will you have to send the camera back for them to repair? Does the company provide you with anything to fill in the gap in the interim?

What Is the Company’s Specific Industry?

Research the company and determine its specialty. Does the company offer a wide range of security services, with expert personnel that have extensive military or law enforcement backgrounds? Or is the company only able to handle the installation but not much else? While the latter may be cheaper, they may not be able to show you how to use the system or give security-specific recommendations or advices.

We Are Baltimore-based Security Camera Installers

We install surveillance systems for both residences and businesses in the Baltimore area. Contact Maryland Security Professionals for a quality camera security system installation or upgrade. You can never be too safe, and a camera system acts as a safeguard for your property.

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