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Why Security Camera Positioning Matters

April 16, 2019

Home security system

Security camera systems provide a number of benefits for homeowners. The conspicuous presence of cameras on the property wards off potential burglars and is a great preventative measure to stop other crimes, such as vandalism. If a burglary does occur, security camera surveillance systems can provide crucial evidence to help capture the culprits. But the positioning of the cameras on and around your residence is a crucial element in making sure the premises are as secure as possible. Maryland Security Professionals will visit your home for a free security audit and help customize a video surveillance system that meets your security needs and fits within your budget.

The Importance of Camera Positioning

Cameras should cover all the entry points a burglar may enter from. This includes the front door, back door, windows, garage, etc. Some homeowners may install a camera in one or two of these areas, but neglect the others. A more seasoned burglar will scout your home beforehand to determine the presence of any cameras and other security measures. They will then exploit any vulnerabilities they find. Here are some of the primary areas of the home where security cameras may be installed:

Front Door

This is the location most homeowners automatically cover, and for good reason. Burglars are almost as likely to enter the home through the front door as they would any other entry point. To prevent tampering with the camera, we suggest installing it on the second floor if possible. If your house is a single-story home, then install a mesh wiring around the camera. Be sure the camera’s view covers the entire front entrance including the front porch, stairs, and part of the adjacent walkway.

Back Door

The back door or patio glass door is an ideal access point for intruders, since the back area is more out of public view. As with a front door, the camera is most effective when installed in an out-of-reach area or protected from disabling and other tampering.


Windows are other popular entry points for home burglars. Since home invaders want to be as discreet as possible, your camera placement should be equally strategic. They will take careful measures to avoid entering through an area most likely to attract the attention of neighbors and passing pedestrians. As you protect your windows with home surveillance cameras, be especially mindful of windows that face alleyways and areas with fewer passers-by.

Garage and Driveway

Homeowners seldom think of the garage as a burglar entry point. However, the garage is especially vulnerable, since burglars will often target parked vehicles and use remote garage openers to gain access to the home. Install a camera on the garage and be sure the view captures the entire driveway. If you position the camera optimally, you may be able to overlap the frame with images captured by the front or back door. This placement strategy minimizes blind spots that could be exploited.

Protect Your Home and Family

Burglars are looking for an easy target. Take that target off of your residence with a state-of-the-art home security camera system from Maryland Security Professionals. Features include high-definition infrared cameras and 24/7 remote access to footage via smartphone or tablet. We serve homeowners in Baltimore and throughout the state of Maryland, as well as Washington D.C., Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the entire mid-Atlantic region. Call today for a free estimate.

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