What Is Intelligent Video Monitoring?

Traditional surveillance cameras can be a tremendous asset for crime prevention, but in order to analyze images and video content, there was always the human factor. Over the years, technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have changed the landscape of security systems for both residential use and high-risk industry sectors. Utilizing a series of complex algorithms, AI offers a definitive advantage over previous surveillance system technologies, giving machine-learning “brains” to these digital eyes, without the need for human oversight.

Advantages of intelligent video monitoring

At its core, intelligent video monitoring eliminates the tedium of human-based analysis and lowers the risk of error. It can monitor and process massive amounts of data, instantly recognizing humans, objects, vehicles, and events. Machine learning makes it possible for the system to detect patterns and draw insights while processing video streams in real-time.

Intelligent video analytics can automatically identify spatial and temporal events, and detect potentially suspicious activity that a person might miss.

When threats are detected, AI-enabled systems provide actionable intelligence to the Command Center team here at Maryland Security Professionals. Whether looking to prevent break-ins, or improve worker efficiency on a construction site, a wireless security camera system with remote viewing provides optimized protection as well as instant access to your video feed from anywhere.

Endowed with advanced AI analytics, our systems are designed to protect assets with increased cost-effectiveness.

How AI-enabled surveillance works

AI is able to spot anomalies in video feeds by learning to classify people and objects in the background based on observations of various patterns. When something or someone breaks a recognizable pattern, this triggers an alert. For example, if a backyard is typically empty after dark, then a person in that area would be classified as unusual and a possible security breach.

The computer software also allows users to search video feeds with increased speed and accuracy. Terms like “UPS truck” or “red Mazda” will instantly yield relevant images in archive.

The usefulness of artificial intelligence for video surveillance addresses real-world needs in both residential and commercial applications. A remote security system with motion-triggered cameras sends live video footage to security experts, who then take over the assessment and response, as necessary.

Real-time preventative measures

One of the key features of a remote camera system with intelligent video analytics is the automated alarm and voice response that is given to trespassers. Would-be criminals are verbally warned and know that they are being watched. If the trespasser does not leave, a live person from our Command Team steps in to alert local law enforcement.

The versatility of intelligent video surveillance systems makes them ideal for remote sites, where hiring full-time security guards would be cost-prohibitive. Footage is available on secure cloud storage for up to 14 days, and live and recorded video can be accessed from afar with multiple devices.

Protect your assets with Maryland Security Professionals

Check up on your home or business anytime with real-time intelligent surveillance that prevents security breaches. A security camera system with remote access can be customized to your needs and rapidly installed on your property for both short and long-term needs. Contact Maryland Security to learn more about our cutting-edge security solutions. We provide free security audits in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and the mid-Atlantic region.