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7 Reasons You Want a Time-Lapse of Your Construction Site

October 5, 2020
High angle view of workers in construction site

High angle view of workers in construction siteSecurity cameras are a must at any construction site. They help reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and illegal dumping. But have you ever thought about also using your remote monitoring systems to record a time-lapse video of your construction project?

Time-lapse is a recording technique that speeds up a long process so that a lengthy construction project can be compressed to a few minutes of fast-motion video. There are many reasons why construction companies are using their remote security system setup for double-duty to capture time-lapse videos. Here are seven reasons why you should, too.

#1 – For Marketing Material

Time-lapse videos make for great marketing material because it quickly shows the work, progress, and impact of a construction site. Clients and even the general public will be wowed as they watch the worksite quickly transform from an empty plot to a tall skyrise or marvel at how the small touches completely transform a community.

#2 – For Images

Time-lapses don’t just give you video. You can also pull out great still images form various stages of the construction process. These images can be used in your business portfolio, website, or social media. They can also be framed and showcased within the building or saved and archived for historical significance years down the line.

#3 – To Boost Employee Morale

Show your employees the full impact of their work by playing it in fast forward. Though your construction crew has watched the changes first-hand, they will probably be wowed and feel a sense of pride as they take in the full scope of the project in just a few minutes.

#4 – For Your Portfolio

What better way to showcase your work than with a quick, engaging video? Use time-lapse videos of your favorite projects to show potential clients exactly how you will accomplish their project from start to finish.

#5 – To Provide Updates to Clients

When clients ask for updates, instead of underwhelming them with a simple status report and ETA, send them an up-to-date time-lapse video. Let them watch just how much work you’ve already put in the project and get them excited to see the end.

#6 – As a Memento

Time-lapse videos aren’t just practical. They can also hold sentimental value. Recording the construction process and then gifting the time-lapse video and images to your client is a great way to leave a surprise personal touch on a project.

#7 – You Can’t Go Back

Whether or not you have a clear idea of how you’ll use the time-lapse, shoot one anyway – you’ll only have one chance to do it. After all, there’s no reason not to, since you are already recording your construction project 24/7 with your surveillance system.

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