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Robbery, Burglary, and Larceny in Virginia: By the Numbers

February 27, 2018

Burglar wearing a balaclava looking through the house windowThe latest crime numbers for Virginia are available, and Maryland Security Professionals would like to share some of the important highlights of the report. Our experienced security consultants provide surveillance camera systems and armed guard services for clients in Virginia, as well as throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

When it comes to keeping your home, your family, and your business safe, knowledge is power. Here are some of the conclusions reached by the Virginia State Police regarding robbery, burglary, and larceny in Virginia in 2016, the latest year for which crime data is available.

Property Crime Incidents Increased Toward the End of the Year

The number of reported incidents of robberies and larcenies were higher in December than at other times of the year. February, March, and April saw the fewest reported incidents. The cold weather during the winter and early spring months may be keeping crime numbers down, but cold December weather does not seem to have as great of a deterrent effect.

Burglaries Peaked in August

Burglaries are defined as a criminal’s unlawful entry into a building, coupled with theft of personal property. The year-end trend for robberies and larcenies does not hold true for burglaries, which increased in August. Not surprisingly, burglaries are more likely to occur when a building’s occupants are not on the premises. The increase in burglaries in August might be correlated with property owners who are away on vacation.

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A Majority of Robberies Occurred in the Evening

Robberies are defined as property crimes that involve a direct confrontation between the perpetrator and victim. Almost half of all robberies in Virginia occurred during the time period from 6pm to midnight, presumably when an offender can rely on darkness as a disguise, and to assist in fleeing the scene.

Larcenies are Crimes of Opportunity

Larceny is a catch-all category of property crime that includes activities such as shoplifting, purse snatching, theft of property from cars, and theft from vending machines and similar devices. With few witnesses and lower value of the property that might be stolen, larceny crimes can be difficult to solve, and larcenous criminals may be difficult to apprehend.

Most Offenders are in the 18-35 Year Old Age Category

An individual can never be profiled or prejudged as a criminal on the basis of age alone, but a majority of offenders that are charged with burglary or robbery do fall into the 18- to 35-year old age range. A majority of robbery and burglary offenses are committed by men, although a number of women have also been apprehended.

Men and Women are Likely Victims, without Regard to Age or Race

Offenders do not discriminate when it comes to selecting their victims. More men than women reported being victims of robberies, but men and women were equally targeted in burglaries. A majority of robbery victims were in the 18- to 35-year age range, yet age in itself did not appear to be a deciding factor in causing or deterring an offender with respect to selecting a victim.  

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