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More Consumers Are Choosing to Invest in Video Surveillance

September 19, 2017

ecurity camera and urban videoA recent study predicts that more and more people will choose video surveillance for their homes and businesses over the next half decade. According to the study, carried out by research firm The Freedonia Group, the sales of security cameras will grow by more than 7% each year through 2021. The research results suggest that developments in technology and affordability are inspiring more people to invest in security cameras.

Maryland Security Professionals is a security industry leader, specializing in customized, cost-effective video surveillance systems that incorporate the latest technology.

Improved technology drives the surveillance camera market

Developments in security camera technology and manufacturing have created more choices for consumers at appealing price points.

Cameras are now being constructed with high definition capabilities, night vision, and ultra-small construction for concealment. Improved connectivity has opened up options for wireless transmission of surveillance data and off-site data storage.

While the capabilities have increased, the costs have decreased. According to the study, the improved features and affordability of recent additions to the security camera market are attracting individuals and businesses who already have cameras installed. Rather than wait until older equipment needs replacing, they are voluntarily upgrading now. Research indicates that consumers are eager to implement the newer features, and with the decreasing prices, the cost is not a deterrent.

Video surveillance a great choice for “smart” homes and businesses

Another factor in the explosion of high tech video surveillance is the “smart” technology incorporated into so many modern goods and services.

Just like with surveillance cameras, the market for smart appliances is expected to grow significantly over the next five years. By 2020, sales of smart devices are expected to reach 30 billion, with a market of $37.2 billion.

With smart devices, homeowners can now set the crockpot, change the thermostat, and start the laundry when they are not at home. Business owners can turn on the lights, or lock and unlock the doors remotely. And with the latest home video surveillance technology, homeowners and business owners can watch live surveillance footage of their property at any time on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Cutting edge customized surveillance cameras in Maryland

Maryland Security Professionals provides customized surveillance cameras to homeowners and businesses in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. We offer cutting-edge technology along with custom-tailored solutions designed to fit your unique budget and needs. Call today to speak with one of our security professionals and set up a free security audit of your property.

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