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Benefits of Wireless Surveillance

July 10, 2017

security cameraWireless surveillance can be a valuable tool for owners of commercial and residential properties who want to safeguard against criminal activity. For communities in Maryland, Virginia, and other mid-Atlantic states that experience seasonal changes, the shift to warmer weather tends to bring an increase in crime as compared to the rest of the year. From larger cities to small towns, authorities often step up their patrol and surveillance activities in warmer months. Private property owners can also benefit from enhanced security measures that they make on their own.

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About wireless security camera installation

The most effective security camera systems are generally hard-wired in place with cabling. They are considered “wireless” because they feature the wireless transmission of data captured on site to any device with an internet connection, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Wireless security cameras offer numerous advantages to businesses and homeowners looking to deter crime on their properties. Benefits of residential and commercial wireless surveillance systems include:

  • 24/7 monitoring – Property owners can view the live video stream from their camera feeds on a cell phone or computer. You can check in on your property no matter where you are, at any time of day or night.
  • Portability – Mobile surveillance units utilizing remote-viewing technology are a great choice for many temporary job sites and even permanent locations where the specific areas to be monitored may change over time.
  • Advanced features – From motion activation to night vision to transmission of real-time footage that can be viewed immediately on a device like a smart phone, today’s wireless security options offer a full slate of capabilities.

Invest in customized wireless security

Whether residential or commercial, no two sites have identical needs. Maryland Security Professionals specializes in an array of security solutions that can be tailored to fit any property owner’s unique set of needs and budget concerns. To learn more about wireless camera installation, or to set up a free on-site analysis of your property, please contact us today.

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