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Surveillance Footage Can Capture the Truth

February 25, 2019

shopping mall securityIn the era of smartphones, cell phone footage of parking lot altercations, car crashes and other mishaps can go viral in a matter of hours. These videos can swiftly devolve into a battle of “he said, she said,” and in some cases, lead to costly litigation. Without objective evidence of what actually occurred, there is little hope of achieving some kind of closure, let alone justice for any wrongs committed.

For years, security camera footage has been a crucial asset to property owners and law enforcement when it comes to resolving disputes and crimes. Video camera surveillance provides 100 percent objective footage of activities and event that take place on and around your property – footage that can ultimately serve to protect you, your family, your staff, and your reputation from the effects of untruthful narratives.

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Here at Maryland Security Professionals, we understand the tremendous role that surveillance systems play in protecting your home and business. Security cameras do much more than discourage criminals from breaking and entering your property. With strategically placed cameras, the footage allows you to capture the whole truth of what really happened, not just one short clip that someone caught on their cell phone. Today’s high-resolution security systems can record the entire event from various angles. The footage may help to save your company from harsh judgement or criticism born out of misleading smartphone pictures or video that is posted online.

Installing multiple high-definition cameras in and around your business can help protect yourself from frivolous claims of harassment or injury. When an altercation escalates or law enforcement are called in, camera footage lets you present concrete evidence that diffuses inconsistent narratives. Thanks to built-in recording capabilities, you can present unbiased, un-edited footage that fully demonstrates the incident, whether it’s an attempted criminal activity, or fraudulent claim of customer injury or harassment.

The reputation of most businesses is built on the trust and respect of customers and patrons. Arming your premises with security cameras ensures an additional level of protection in the event of a damaging incident.

Those who own retail stores, supermarkets, and other types of businesses can benefit greatly from professionally installed surveillance systems. Security cameras allow you to reduce incidence of employee theft and provide a safer environment for both customers and staff. And when something goes wrong, and your reputation is at stake, quality camera footage can help ensure the truth is always conveyed. Cameras capture slip-and-fall scam artists and reduce the likelihood of liability lawsuits.

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