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How Deep Learning Has Influenced Video Analytics

February 18, 2021

Deep learning is a strategy used by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that mimics human brain processing to perform complex functions, such as monitoring live surveillance video footage and identifying potential security threats. The remote security system available from Maryland Security Professionals uses advanced AI analytics to spot potential trespassers on your property and stop crime before it happens. Not only does our AI software monitor the live security camera video feed and analyze the images to detect potential risks, it can also warn would-be criminals in real-time that they have been detected and alert live humans at a Security Command Center about their activities.

Deep Learning in AI-Enhanced Security Camera Systems

Leveraging deep learning technology for a security camera system with remote access allows users to:

  • Track patterns of activity and analyze live video streams for anomalies
  • Immediately highlight human subjects or license plates
  • Detect unusual concentrations of bodies or high speeds
  • Detect human characteristics (like if a person is a man, woman, or child)
  • Detect vehicle characteristics like make, color, and model
  • Transform raw video into searchable, structured data

The video cameras themselves do much of the “thinking” and “analyzing,” triggering real-time alerts about potential security breaches to law enforcement and property owners’ smartphones. Deep learning processes developed over the last 10 years have greatly improved the accuracy of these alerts.

Deep Learning and Video Analytics

In video analytics, deep learning uses multiple layers to produce clearer images. Instead of focusing on individual pixels, a deep network first recognizes an edges layer, followed by an objective parts layer, followed by an objects layer. Patterns for eyes, noses, and facial silhouettes are rapidly aggregated and identified. Modern deep-learning solutions allow for rapid object recognition, categorization, and indexing in minutes and even seconds, rather than hours.

Deep learning technology has been put to a variety of uses, such as automatic speech recognition used in voice-response platforms like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. It has also been applied successfully in such disparate fields as pharmaceutical development, digital advertising, financial fraud detection, cybersecurity, and much more. Deep learning is now projected to generate more than $10 billion in revenue by 2024.

Find Out How AI Deep Learning Can Work for You

Protect your property and assets and give yourself peace of mind with a remote security system powered by AI “deep learning” software. Contact Maryland Security Professionals to learn more about setting up a wireless security camera system with remote viewing that meets your needs and budget in the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware.

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