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Must-Have Tools for Commercial Business Owners in 2021

September 2, 2021

The 2020 pandemic has required commercial enterprises to think more strategically about ways to make their properties safer and more financially secure. Fortunately, the latest security and surveillance innovations make it easier than ever to customize a system to your needs and budget. Here are some valuable security tools for commercial property owners to take advantage of in 2021.

Wireless Security

Wireless security systems may include:

  • Hardwired cameras that transmit data wirelessly for remote viewing, and
  • Mobile systems that use solar panels and batteries, rather than hardwired electrical cables.

Easy installation and affordability are the most obvious benefits of installing a wireless security system, but there are many more.

  • Flexibility: It’s quick and easy to scale up the size of your system.
  • Convenience: Since data transmits wirelessly, you can access live feeds from your laptop or mobile device, 24/7.

Many clients interested in a wireless security camera system with remote viewing have locations that are not easily accessible or are not occupied around the clock, such as construction sites, outdoor venues, or offsite equipment storage lots.

Motion Trigger Technology

High-resolution, motion-triggered cameras are capable of panoramic surveillance to deter theft, unlawful entry, and criminal mischief. Motion-sensing surveillance systems can be placed wherever extra vigilance is required. Common installation points include entrances and exits, in parking lots and loading docks, and surrounding the perimeter of your location. When a trespasser is detected, the system automatically emits a warning signal and alerts a standing-by team of security experts who can send out verbal warnings and alert law enforcement.

Additionally, license plate recognition cameras can capture numbers and letters – using infrared to get a clear picture in the darkness if necessary.

Remote Access

A security camera system with remote access does not require on-site security guards monitoring the cameras at all times. Instead, the cameras are hooked up to Wi-Fi 24/7, and the live video feed is accessible through any approved device. Property owners can “check in” through a smartphone, tablet, or PC from wherever they are. Tripped alarms will send direct alerts to a security team or automatically dial in the authorities, according to the business owner’s preferences. It is also possible to communicate with property visitors or intruders through the system.

Get the Latest Must-Have Commercial Security Tools to Protect Your Business

Contact Maryland Security Professionals to access an advanced remote security system for your business or commercial property. Our locally-owned outfit serves the Mid-Atlantic region, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, with expertise from military veterans and former police officers trained in surveillance technology. We have a variety of advanced security systems for all purposes and price points. Call today for a free audit.

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