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8 Things To Know Before Installing Security Cameras in Your Home

January 15, 2019

Security camera and private house on the backgroundResidential security cameras have come a long way in recent years with the introduction of technologies like cloud computing and other modern surveillance enhancements. However, no amount of advanced technology will make your security cameras effective if they’re not installed properly.

Maryland Security Professionals offers 8 important things to know about installing a residential video surveillance system to make sure the cameras’ effectiveness is maximized, and your home is safe. We have years of experience in installing residential security cameras in Baltimore and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and are happy to use our expertise to help you alleviate concerns regarding your security camera installation.

Choose the Right Camera

Maryland Security Professionals provides security cameras with the latest advanced technology that meet your needs and budget. With state-of-the-art TVI technology and and digital recording devices, our cameras let you take advantage of wireless surveillance, giving you remote access to the live video stream on your tablet, computer or smartphone.

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Entry Points

Not all attempted burglaries happen in the same place, but FBI statistics show that 80% of all robberies initiate from a front or back door. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your security cameras cover your entry points.

Avoid the Corners

Corners impede a camera’s coverage area, and create large and potentially dangerous blind spots. Cameras should be positioned so that they can adequately cover the necessary surveillance area.

Be Careful With Height

While your cameras take care of you and your home, you also need to take care of your cameras. As a general rule, security cameras should be placed 9 feet about the ground. Placing them this high helps protect them from being damaged, either by accident or on purpose.

Consistent Lighting

Placing cameras in areas with consistent ambient lighting helps to ensure high-quality video.

Accurate Detection Settings

Care should be taken when installing cameras to make sure the detection settings are correct, including distance and focal length. Angles are also very important. Cameras with smaller fields of vision should be focused on trouble spots, while cameras with zooming capabilities can cover larger areas. Running a few tests after the initial installation will help to make sure the settings are correct.

Hidden or Visible

There are strong arguments for both hiding cameras and keeping them visible. If a camera is hidden, an intruder might not take care to hide his or her identity and therefore be more easily apprehended. However, a camera in plain sight might act as a deterrent for any invasion attempt. During your free audit, our security professionals can discuss which options are best for your needs, location and budget.

Count on the Professionals

The simplest way to make sure your cameras are properly installed is to trust the professionals. Maryland Security Professionals offers residential camera installation throughout the state of Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., and surrounding areas. We also offer expert recommendations, ongoing support and maintenance to meet your needs and budget. Call us today for a free security audit, or to learn more about what we can do to keep your home safe.

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