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Vacation Rental Home Security Essentials

August 1, 2016

vacation rental home cameraThe safety and security of rental properties against theft is a top concern among many home owners. Like most vacation home owners, you probably have your property listed on several websites, providing a detailed catalogue of amenities, from flat screen TVs and iPod docking stations to surround-sound stereo systems. And if your occupancy calendar is up-to-date, would-be thieves can easily determine which weeks the property will be vacant, making it an easy target.

Unoccupied rental homes, especially those that sit empty for long periods of time, are easy picking for burglars. So how do you keep your vacation rental secure? Hiring a property management company is one option, albeit an expensive one.

Another, more affordable and effective option is installing a home security system. A good surveillance system will not only keep your property and tenants safer, it is also an attractive feature sought out by prospective renters.

Advantages of securing your vacation rental property

A custom-built security system with outdoor cameras has numerous benefits:

  • Discourages break-ins, safeguarding rental home contents
  • Protects tenants’ valuables – both short and long term renters want to know their jewelry and electronics are safe when they leave the property.
  • Deters thieves and trespassers
  • Video surveillance captures perpetrator on tape

Today’s security systems offer a number of high-tech features designed to keep your property and possessions protected. Residential surveillance systems are equipped with TVI technology, digital recording devices and also offer remote access, so owners can keep an eye on their rental home from afar. Remote, wireless access is particularly useful for those who aren’t within driving distance of their rental property.

Other security measures to consider

In addition to a professionally-installed camera system, there are some other low-cost methods for securing your property:

  • residential security systemTimed lights that switch on and off at different intervals
  • Window locks
  • Alarm system
  • Safes
  • Dead bolts on front door
  • A “Beware of Dog” sign

Enhancing the security of your vacation rental will not only entice more business and safeguard your assets, it also provides piece of mind. For more information about security options for your rental property, call Maryland Security Professionals at 410-224-3028. We provide advanced security solutions for residential and commercial applications throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Call today for a free estimate.

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