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Gated Community Security Checklist

January 29, 2018

gated community entranceGated communities can provide a heightened level of security with the right security tools and technology. The first step to establishing a security checklist for gated communities involves understanding potential vulnerabilities and threats. Developing a comprehensive security strategy requires a mix of skilled manpower, good use of well-designed technology, and periodic assessments to see what is working and what needs improvement.

From securing all access points for visitor access, Maryland Security Professionals offers some important gated community security considerations.

On-site Guards

While automated gates with access key control are effective deterrents to trespassers, a live security guard offers another level of oversight.  In smaller developments, guards may soon come to know every resident by name, making it even more challenging for non-guests or trespassers to sneak in.

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Automated Gates

Many residential communities opt for automated gates in lieu of guards for the simple reason of economics. To gain entrance, residents must either use remote control access or key in a secret code. Visitors or service providers must get “buzzed in” by home owners through a community call box. When owners share their private codes to visiting friends or tradespeople, however, the security of the entire community can become compromised.

Fixed Pole Camera Surveillance

Strategically placed, long-term or permanent fixed pole cameras can monitor access and exit points, as well as perimeter and community common areas, 24-hours a day. Sitting high atop sturdy, 20 foot poles, these surveillance cameras offer maximum security coverage. Video surveillance footage may serve as valuable evidence in the event of a criminal investigation and also as a warning to anyone considering committing a crime within the community.

Roving Patrols

Gated communities with guards can further mitigate security breaches by performing random patrols throughout the neighborhood – especially at night or during holidays, when homeowners might be traveling. During these rounds, guards are on the lookout for any suspicious activity and trained to take appropriate action.


License Plate Recognition Technology

License plate recognition (LPR) or tag-recognition cameras help enhance surveillance by capturing a clear image of plate numbers and letters, day or night. Tag-recogition camera systems are generally mounted in gated community entrance and exit points, where they record identifying plate information as traffic passes through. The camera has an infrared illuminator that blocks out glare, allowing perfect images to be taken during the sunniest of days.

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Safeguarding a residential community is a multi-faceted effort that requires careful planning, expertise and the right equipment. To learn more about strengthening the security in your gated community in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, or Washington D.C., reach out to Maryland Security Professionals for a free security audit. We offer a range of video surveillance options and other security solutions for the protection of planned residential developments.

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