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Home Security Experts Address Recent Uptick in Baltimore County Break-Ins

June 28, 2018

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2018 did not begin well for some homeowners in Baltimore County. A string of home break-ins that began in October 2017 continued into January 2018, and showed no immediate signs of abating. Baltimore County Police arrested three suspects in late January, but the increase in the number of residential burglaries left many Baltimore County residents feeling unsettled and at a heightened risk that their own homes could be next.

Maryland Security Professionals applauds the efforts of law enforcement to stem this rising tide of Baltimore break-ins. Our private security services augment the efforts of police patrols to prevent break-ins in Baltimore neighborhoods.

Recent Baltimore County Break-Ins

Between October 2017 and January 2018, burglars broke into at least 20 homes in Pikesville, Cockeysville, and Towson. The burglars targeted cash and goods that can be easily converted to cash, including prescription medication, jewelry and handbags. Some residents reported losing ID materials, which suggests that the burglars could attempt to sell those materials to third parties for ID theft.

Local police forces surmised that the burglars targeted homes that appeared to be empty and spent less than ten minutes in each house.

Home Video Surveillance for Baltimore County Residents

In addition to leaving lights on and creating an impression that a house is not empty, homeowners in Baltimore County can procure custom private security surveillance programs to fit virtually any budget.

  • Next-generation residential security cameras can capture all activity around your home with high-definition television video interface (TVI) technology. These surveillance systems give homeowners remote capability to view and digitally record all activity around their homes around the clock.
  • Wireless surveillance lets homeowners monitor their homes from smartphones and tablets.
  • Homeowners can use solar-powered portable surveillance cameras at different locations around their property, or permanently mount cameras in both obvious and covert fixed locations.
  • Advanced surveillance systems can be configured to include license plate recognition technology for vehicles on a homeowner’s property.

Residential Security System: Advantages

Deterring break-ins is only one of the many advantages that a home security system can provide.

  • A security camera system can decrease your homeowners insurance premiums by up to 20%.
  • Residential surveillance systems also reduce vandalism, trespassers, and other illegal behavior on a homeowner’s property.
  • When a break-in does occur, security cameras capture evidence and increases the likelihood that law enforcement will apprehend the perpetrators and that a homeowner will recover stolen goods.
  • Security systems reduce homeowner stress, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your house and property are secure even if there are burglaries elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Call Maryland Security Professionals for Custom Surveillance Systems that Help Reduce the Break-In Risk

Even with increased vigilance by law enforcement authorities, homeowners should consider preventative measures to lower the risk of burglary and theft.  For home surveillance systems in Baltimore County, residents can rely on to meet their security needs and match their budget, call Maryland Security Professionals. Our knowledgeable video surveillance experts will come to your house and provide a free security audit. We can then customize a security plan that will substantially reduce the likelihood of your home’s becoming the next neighborhood break-in. For home security services in and around Baltimore County, please call to speak with one of our home surveillance system specialists.

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