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How to Keep Your Home Secure During a Hurricane

September 18, 2017

Hurricane season with symbol sign against a stormy bacdropHurricane season arrives every fall, but the recent spate of significant storm damage has brought hurricane safety to the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. Maryland Security Professionals specializes in building customized security systems for homeowners and businesses, and you can put these features to work to help secure your home during extreme weather.

Putting your security system to work in hurricane season

Modern security systems incorporate technological advances that put property owners virtually on the ground. These features can be invaluable in the case of a natural disaster that threatens to push you out of your home for any period of time.

Some of the security system features that can be of critical use during a hurricane include:

  • Security cameras with wireless, remote access – wifi capabilities allow homeowners to view live security camera feeds of their home from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Smart integration – when integrated in a smart home setup, homeowners can remotely control camera operation, window and door locks, and indoor and outdoor lighting from a smart phone or computer.
  • Sensors – cameras and lights can be set to operate continuously, on a timer, or in response to sounds and movements, increasing flexibility for homeowners.
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5 Tips for making the most of your security system during a hurricane

During a widespread disaster, a home security system is invaluable for protecting your home. These tips will help you get the most out of your security system in the event of a hurricane.

  1. Physically secure your property in advance of the storm. Boarding up windows and storing outdoor furniture protects your home from physical damage and also sends the signal to potential looters that your home is not an easy target.
  2. Have a backup generator. Modern security and surveillance camera equipment can operate with minimal on-site gear but they need a power source to do their job.
  3. Turn your security system off during the heart of the storm. Potential criminals are not likely to be breaking in to houses during category 3 winds or a storm surge. Keeping your equipment on during severe weather can unnecessarily register a lot of activity and potentially drain battery power and other resources.
  4. Store valuables and electronics in a locked interior room. If opportunists do try to grab valuables, they will likely move on to somewhere else with a more obvious target.
  5. Take advantage of remote viewing capabilities after the storm. The waiting game after a hurricane can be downright nerve-wracking for homeowners. Security cameras with remote viewing capability can provide a homeowner with valuable information about the condition of their home, allowing for preparations before arriving back on site.

Custom home security solutions

Maryland Security Professionals is a regional leader in providing customized security systems and cameras to homes and businesses. We custom fit each security system and make use of the advantages offered by modern technology. To learn more about tailoring a security system to fit your needs and budget, call today to speak with a representative about scheduling a free site security audit.

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