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How to Keep Your Vacation Home Safe While You’re Away

November 23, 2019

Vacation homes are a place for you and your family to escape to so that you can enjoy barbeques and boating in the summer, hiking amongst fall foliage, or skiing in winter. However, because your cottage in the woods or beach home spends more time empty than occupied, it can also become an easy target for burglaries, squatters, vandalism, and other criminals. Without any security measures in place, these crimes usually go unnoticed for months, making it harder to find the person responsible for the crime and allowing any issues, such as broken windows or loose critters, to amass into even larger problems.

To give yourself peace of mind and keep your vacation home safe during the offseason, employ one or more of these security measures:

Ask a neighbor to keep an eye out

Vigilant neighbors are great to have. If someone lives near your vacation home, you may want to ask them to keep an extra eye out for unusual activity. Sometimes neighbors can also help check on mail, look for damage after heavy storms, and even keep up on snow removal, which can all help to make your home look more lived-in. Swap numbers and let them know when you plan to be away and when you’re coming up to start the season – so you can invite them to a cookout or a boat ride!

Hire a property manager

For the owners of many vacation homes, relying on a neighbor may not be an option. This is because most vacation homes are located in areas that are not occupied year-round. Or you could be renting out your property while you’re away, which requires more service than a friendly favor from a neighbor. In these instances, you could benefit from hiring a local property manager. They can have a set schedule to check on your home and can also greet renters and address any issues that may occur during their stay.

Remove or lock up valuables

Most people don’t leave things such as jewelry or money in a vacation home, but there are still many items you should be worried about. Because vacation homes are usually more remote or are located in neighborhoods that sit empty for months at a time, it makes it easier for criminals to go after big-ticket items. This can include boats, jet skis, ATV’s, televisions, surround sound systems, high-end grills, and more. You will want to be sure items are locked up properly, and keys aren’t easily accessible. You may even consider storing large items valuables at your main home.

Install a wireless security system

The most effective way to know what’s going on in your vacation home is through wireless video surveillance cameras that send a live 24/7 feed to your computer, tablet, or phone.

Not only do vacation home security cameras discourage criminals from targeting your property in the first place, but they allow you to view and record anyone who does carry out a crime. Live feeds, high-quality recordings and live notifications will allow you to check in any time from anywhere so that you know your summer getaway is safe and secure while you wait for warmer months.

Having a high-quality security system in place is one of the best defenses you can have against burglaries and property damage. Contact Maryland Security Professionals and allow us to customize, install, and maintain a security camera system that fits your needs.

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