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Popular Consumer Site Considers Benefits of Home Security Cameras

December 14, 2016

home with residential security installation

A recent report by consumer review hub Angie’s List explored the costs and benefits of residential security cameras. The article highlights some of the increased options in accessibility and price range, as well as how the newer options can impact home security.

Developments in security cameras

Gone are the days when a home camera fed images to a nearby videotape recorder; today’s surveillance equipment makes use of advances in A/V technology to improve usefulness and effectiveness.

Technology-based improvements to residential cameras include:

  • DVR cameras: DVR-based cameras offer a number of additional options like high definition or night vision. Surveillance footage is stored on a DVR unit rather than old fashioned video tapes.
  • Wireless surveillance: Refers to data transmission of images. Security footage can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection including your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Hidden camera: Discreet monitoring is very a popular choice among homeowners. Cameras can be completely hidden from view or disguised as everyday items.

Benefits of home surveillance systems

Residential security cameras add a layer of protection on top of other home security measures. Though security cameras cannot absolutely prevent every break-in, they can provide valuable evidence if an intruder does show up.

Independent security review and comparison site SafeWise has also highlighted the benefits of home security cameras as an addition to a comprehensive system. In support, the resource cited several examples of homeowners benefited by having them.

In one situation, a homeowner who had installed a camera to monitor his front door captured a UPS man stealing an iPad marked for delivery. When UPS failed to respond to customer service requests, the homeowner  posted the footage to YouTube, garnering attention from the service and getting the matter resolved.

In another instance, a New York City resident was sitting at his office desk when he received an email notice containing live video feed from his wireless home infrared camera. The camera was motion-activated and sendt real-time footage of a burglar to the homeowner who then called 911.

Security camera installation

Today’s residential and commercial surveillance systems offer customizable options that can incorporate other features like license plate recognition and controls that allow the property owner to pan and tilt cameras remotely.

Maryland Security Professionals provide security camera system installation for both residential and business purposes. Our professionals recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all security plan, which is why we tailor a system that fits your needs. Call today and request a free security evaluation in Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware or West Virginia.

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