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Successful Strategies for Preventing Crime in Gated Communities

June 15, 2018

Security camera and private house on the backgroundThe benefits of living in a gated community include privacy, exclusivity, and security. While criminal activity is reduced in gated communities, there is no guarantee you will not be the victim of a crime. Private homeowners and homeowners associations can enhance their protection against burglary and other crimes by partnering with an experienced residential security firm like Maryland Security Professionals. We provide customized video surveillance systems and other security tools to suit your community’s needs and budget.

Crime Rates Lower in Gated Communities

Living in a gated community lowers your risk of being burgled for 3 reasons:

  • First, would-be criminals find it physically more difficult to get into — and out of — a gated community.
  • Second, there is a greater risk to burglars of getting caught, due to the presence of security personnel and, in many cases, advanced security camera systems.
  • Third, criminals are less likely to be familiar with gated communities than with non-gated ones. They have fewer opportunities to case potential targets and victims.
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Additional Methods for Enhancing Gated Community Security

Residents choose gated communities not only for a greater sense of neighborhood camaraderie, but also for increased peace of mind, knowing that they can go out for a walk, or let their children play, without worrying about their safety. But a gate and secure access alone will not eliminate the threat of criminal activity. Here are some successful, time-proven strategies for homeowners and HOAs to optimize the security of their gated community:

  • Keep computer security systems up to date
  • Change passcodes frequently or issue updated ID cards frequently
  • Comprehensive video surveillance with 24-hour active monitoring
  • Wireless surveillance so that live footage can be streamed 24/7 on a laptop, tablet or any smart device
  • Security officers at all access points
  • Educate residents about the need for vigilance

Maryland Gated Community Security Camera Services

If your gated community needs augmented security, Maryland Security Professionals offers a full range of options, including security officers with extensive law enforcement and/or military experience, as well as the most up-to-date wireless security camera systems.

Our products and people meet the highest industry standards. Our services are available to gated communities and their homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Call us today and we will travel to your gated community to provide a free and thorough security audit. Let us know your concerns and we will work within your budget to devise a comprehensive security solution.

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