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Top Four Ways to Keep Trespassers Off Your Property

April 24, 2017

private property no trespassingTrespassers on your property pose several types of problems. First, they may be trespassing with the intent to commit vandalism or burglary. Second, even if the trespassing is inadvertent and the person doesn’t realize it is your property, they could be injured or cause injury. You may be potentially liable for the injury, since it occurs on your property. Third, while some people do not mind trespassers taking a short cut across their property, others feel it violates their privacy and their rights.

The simplest way to avoid these problems is to keep trespassers off your property. Here are four ways to do this.

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Security cameras

Security cameras, especially if they are placed where potential trespassers can see them, also serve as deterrents. In addition, if a trespasser does commit vandalism or theft, or is injured in an incident, security cameras will provide footage is evidence of what happened. If the case comes to court, footage obtained on a security camera may be used as evidence.

“No Trespassing” signs

The law is very clear about trespassing. To be trespassing, the act has to occur without the property owner’s consent. It also has to be knowing or intentional. A “no trespassing” sign posted on your property eliminates any claim by trespassers that it was unintentional because they did not realize the area was someone’s property. It serves as notice, in fact, that it is your property. Be sure that signs are clearly posted around the perimeter of your property. Anyone who keeps going past the signs is clearly trespassing.


Used alone or in addition to a “no trespassing” sign, a fence clearly marks where your property begins and other property ends. It’s prudent to get your neighbors’ permission for a fence. Sometimes property lines are unclear or in dispute, so talking to your neighbors before beginning construction of a fence will eliminate any misunderstandings. Property owners also need to check on any ordinances or regulations about fence construction in their municipality. Permits may be needed.


In general, good lighting is a deterrent to trespassing. Many trespassers may be tempted to come onto your property if they cannot be seen, especially at night. This is especially true if they are trespassing with the intent to commit vandalism, theft, or other crimes. If they can be seen, they might think twice about trespassing. Homeowners should install residential security and motion-sensored lights on the exterior of their home to deter trespassers and criminal activity. Likewise, business owners should utilize security lights on the exterior of their commercial properties and parking lots to deter trespassing and criminal activity and to enhance safety.

Maryland Security Professionals offers cost-effective, practical security services, including customized commercial and residential surveillance camera systems and security lighting to deter trespassing. Call us today to speak with one of our professionals about how we can help safeguard your property from the dangers and other problems associated with trespassing.

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