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9 Businesses That Can Benefit From Using Security Guards

October 22, 2018

Close-up Of A Male Security Guard In UniformThe presence of a security guard at your place of business is an invaluable investment. Guards serve as deterrents to burglars, vandals, and trespassers, as well as protectors of expensive equipment, sensitive documents, employees, and customers.

Return on Investment

But how do you determine if your business could truly benefit from security guards? The security experts at Maryland Security Professionals have compiled this list of nine types of businesses that can recognize a sure-fire return on investment when contracting security guards.

1. Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Property managers typically do not have time to manage security in addition to the multitude of other duties for which they are responsible. With a visible security presence, criminal activity is drastically reduced at their buildings.

2. Construction Sites

Construction companies cannot depend solely on the police for protection. A construction site could be the target for vandalism, theft and other crimes if unattended. In addition, a security guard might prevent an accident from occurring when a visitor – authorized or not – is on property, preventing a costly lawsuit.

3. Retail Establishments

Keeping a watchful eye on staff, inventory and customers is a security guard’s main task in stores. It’s the primary duty of the guard to protect both the safety and well-being of both customers and employees.

4. Healthcare Industry

Health care facilities present many unique security challenges. With the constant flow of patients, employed staff and visitors, the round-the-clock schedule demands unwavering attention to security.

5. Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

These corporations are increasingly becoming prime targets of vandalism, theft, disputes, property damage and equipment theft and tampering. A security guard can be instrumental in minimizing risk by logging vehicle entry and exit, verifying drivers, vetting visitors, and directing contractors to their appropriate destinations.

6. Financial Facilities

Unfortunately, not every bank, credit union, or brokerage house is as secure as the proverbial Fort Knox. Security guards provide solutions such as access control, unarmed or armed concierge services, monitoring of security electronics, patrolling and canvassing, parking security, and workplace violence prevention.

7. Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel guests frequently bring valuables into their rooms and it is the hotel’s job to assure visitors that both they and their possessions are safe. Hotel security guards serve a vital role in establishing a secure hospitality environment. Restaurants are also high-traffic businesses in which the staff attention is focused on the customer, and clues of impending threats may go unnoticed without outside eyes and ears. Security guards patrol the establishments and respond to complaints and calls for help.

8. Museums and Attractions

Museum security guards have knowledge about the overall protection and conservation of important items. A museum security guard can keep valuable artworks and exhibits safe from theft, damage, and tampering. In the event of an emergency at a popular attraction — such as an amusement park accident – they are critical in maintaining calm and coordinating EMT backup.

9. Educational Institutions

Public or private, elementary or college level, educational institutions may be the place security is needed the most. The recent spate of school shootings across the country has contributed to this demand.

Need Professional Security Guards for Your Business?

Maryland Security Professionals provides businesses like yours in Baltimore County and beyond with versatile, highly-trained security guards with extensive police or military backgrounds. If you are considering security guard services in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, or Washington D.C., go with the best: Contact us today for a free audit.

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