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Confronting School Security Challenges

June 20, 2016

school security cameraProfessional security surveillance systems are not only used in large public facilities such as airports, shopping malls and office centers, but increasingly in school buildings and educational institutions. Given the number of incidents in recent years which have threatened the well-being of children as well as those pursuing higher education in university settings, it is more important than ever for administrators, school boards and other campus community members to consider all available school security options.

Why school security systems are so important

School facilities at all levels face security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by individuals wishing to do harm. Because the safety of children is of paramount importance, those who run such institutions are turning to security enhancement options, including on-site camera surveillance. By taking all possible measures to boost the security of parking lots, playing fields, common areas and entrance points, school administrators can provide students, parents and communities with added peace of mind.

Campus security

Security professionals are able to assess particular areas of risk and weakness in school facilities and campus grounds. Budget-conscious school districts and universities can take advantage of customizable campus security solutions. Effective security systems can be tailored to suit specific needs and monetary constraints.

Fixed-pole school surveillance options

Fixed-pole surveillance cameras offer maximum coverage and can be designed to run on solar power or electricity, making them cost-effective. Infrared-sensing cameras with motion detection capacity not only provide critical data for security personnel during or after a security breach, they also act as an effective deterrent to acts of theft, vandalism, assaults or other crimes.

Effective college campus security systems

School administrators have an obligation to maintain the safety and security of everyone in the university community. Highly publicized incidents in recent years along with rising campus crime statistics have underscored the need for effective security initiatives. A comprehensive video surveillance system can be a critical asset to institutions of all sizes.

School security cameras and more

security cameras monitoring school

If you are an educator, administrator or a professional responsible for the safety of a school community, consider Maryland Security Professionals. We can design an effective and cost-conscious security system for your facility. Regardless of whether you opt for a permanent network of fixed cameras or would like to explore temporary or mobile surveillance alternatives, we have the knowledge and experience to build a surveillance system that accommodates your budget and fulfills your objectives.

To schedule a no-cost security review and site assessment, contact us at 410-946-6126.

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